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15 December 2011

Gatineau's list of Dos and Dont's for newcomers - Media monitoring

First, what is the issue?
A list of "essential values" prescribed to immigrants (intending or already) moved to Gatineau is raising eyebrows for some of its suggestions. The city Gatineau’s guidebook lists 16 tips including not to give bribes, commit honour killings or cook smelly foods.

Here are some media reviews on the above subject:
  • Siddiqui: Immigrants should boycott Gatineau Toronto Star ... The “statement of values” ought to be amended, added to and addressed to all Canadians, not just new immigrants...
  • What's your reaction to Gatineau's list of Dos and Dont's for newcomers? CTV National News

  • Guidelines for Gatineau immigrants raises eyebrows CTV Ottawa

  • New Canadians arriving in Gatineau - guidelines www.canadavisa.com

  • Gatineau’s values guide for immigrants stirs controversy Globe and Mail ... The guide is already drawing comparisons to the controversial code of conduct adopted by the Quebec village of Hérouxville during the heat of the province’s reasonable accommodation debate in 2007. Unlike Hérouxville, however, which banned stonings even though it only had a single immigrant family, Gatineau is home to about 250,000 and has seen a surge in international immigration in recent years...

  • If you decide to move to Gatineau you may not be able to cook food http://www.cornwallseawaynews.com ...East Indians use a variety of spices in their curries and this may not be acceptable. However, Russians and people from other East European countries love cabbage and this smell may also not be acceptable. Personally, cigarette smell is not acceptable to me...
  • 18 November 2011

    English-sounding names hold edge for job seekers in survey

    Emily Jackson, Oct 14 2011, Toronto Star
    Looking for a job? If your name is Panav Singh, expect fewer callbacks than Matthew Wilson, even if your resumés are exactly the same.
    Employers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal “significantly discriminate” against applicants with Chinese and Indian names compared to those with English names, researchers have found.
    On average, resumés with English-sounding names received 35 per cent more callbacks, according to a study supported by Metropolis B.C., a federally funded immigration and diversity research centre.
    Researchers sent out thousands of resumés listing identical experience to online job application sites, changing only the names of the applicants, and measured the response rate from employers.
    Recruiters in Toronto and Montreal were 45 per cent more likely to call Alison Johnson over Min Liu, while Vancouverites were 20 per cent more likely to respond to those with English-sounding names.Continue reading

    12 November 2011

    Get Canadian Work Experience with a Practice Firm

    Posted @ Toronto Public Library

    Need Canadian experience? Need recent experience? Consider applying for a practical hands-on "job" with a practice firm. You don't get paid but the employment success rate for graduates is excellent.

    A Practice Firm does all the business activities of a real business but does not actually get money for its products or services. The practice firms only do business with other practice firms in Canada and in Europe. Each firm is set up using a particular business sponsor as its model. The business operates like a real business but the product and money transactions are not real. Participants have specific roles in the business, such as accountant and they contribute to the success of their practice firm, just like in the real world.

    Toronto / GTA Practice Firms:

    09 October 2011

    21 September 2011

    Some Advice for Americans Living in Canada -- The Taxman cometh

    Toronto Star, September 21, 2011
    • moneyville
    • wheels
    • thekit
    • healthzone
    • parentcentral
    • yourhome
    • tdc

    "The U.S. government has always required citizens living abroad to file U.S. tax returns each year. continue reading @ MONEYVILLE | SAVING: 

    Roseman: 1M Americans here face tax clampdown

    23 July 2011

    Margaret Atwood fights library cuts, crashes petition server

    Post updateDoug, now, knows Atwood, Toronto Star, Sep 20 2011 'He knows what I look like now!!!'

    Doug Ford and Margaret Atwood meet at party for former arts adviser

    David Rider Urban Affairs Bureau Chief, Toronto Star Fri Jul 22 2011
    Literary icon Margaret Atwood has joined the fight against a consultant’s proposed cuts to Toronto’s library system, marshalling her 225,200 Twitter followers and crashing a server hosting a petition.

    At 4:15 p.m. Thursday, Atwood retweeted this from @sonalogy: “Toronto’s libraries are under threat of privatization. Tell city council to keep them public now.”

    That drove a flurry of users to the petition and, shortly after 6 p.m., crashed the server of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, CUPE 4948, which was hosting it.

    ... Atwood has kept up the pressure Friday, tweeting several times from @margaretatwood, including “Here is direct link to the @torontolibrary petition http://t.co/hPNMV8P to stop closure & privatization. Thanks to all, pass it around.”
    Continue reading the story

    See also:

    Atwood's library; Time for public libraries to update their outdated business model, Solomon, Lawrence. National Post [Don Mills, Ont] 06 Aug 2011: FP.17.
    Abstract (summary)
    The Toronto Public Library book lending system, in fact, would serve the vast majority of its members better by replacing its local branches with satellite kiosks, much as the postal system sold off its oversized buildings and placed kiosks in drug stores and shopping malls. The book retailers are not only more numerous and so likelier to be conveniently located, they also keep more convenient hours and have knowledgeable staff who can enhance the lending library experience -they stock enough books to offer a true book-browsing experience, for example, and they can sell people like me an e-book reader to allow me to make better use of the Toronto Public Library offerings. continue reading: National Post

  • Are public libraries an essential service? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says ‘no’—but he’s wrong  macleans.ca  

  • So why are libraries under siege? The general consensus among the library-savvy in this country echoes the view of one former public librarian and professional researcher on Vancouver Island I spoke to:
    “The public library doesn’t perform its traditional mandate anymore because information and how it’s accessed has changed so rapidly. Also, resources are spread too thin among branches, when they should be merged rather than duplicated. And a lot of librarians currently perform the duties of social workers and teachers, looking after latchkey kids when social workers should be monitoring them. We should consolidate public libraries and community centres—blend their budgets staffs—so they can do their jobs much more efficiently.”

    10 May 2011

    Accuracy in your resume is a must - And a Golden Rule Too

    12 Deadly Sins That Kill Your Job Search 
    by Diane Coffey and originally appeared on PongoResume.com
    Sin #6. Lying is very high risk, both during the selection process and after you get hired. Many people have been fired for lying on their resumes, even after years of high job performance. Positive spin is good; lying is bad.
    On the same shelf:

    30 April 2011

    Top 5 questions HR professionals ask about resumes of internationally qualified professionals

    ... (and the answers to them!), Written by: Michelle Pinchev
     By guest contributor, Najia Alavi, Marketing Manager, Career Edge Organization
    1. “Why do so many newcomers’ resumes read like those of generalists?”
    2. “Why do immigrants’ resumes so often emphasize job responsibilities instead of their professional achievements?”
    3. “How am I supposed to know if the international college/university listed on an internationally qualified professional’s resume is a credible one”
    4. “Why do internationally qualified professionals always seem to have 3 or 4 page long resumes – do they really think we need to know their entire life history?”   
    5. “Why, oh why, do some new Canadians include personal information like their marital status, date of birth – and sometimes, even their photographs – on their resumes?”   continue reading: Top 5 questions HR professionals ask... click here or here

    17 April 2011

    Top Ways to Find a Job

    1. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work.
    2. Write a good résumé.
    3. Look for work every day.
    4. Use the resources available to you.
    5. Look at community bulletin boards.
    6. Visit job fairs.
    7. Register with headhunting/personnel agencies.
    8. Knock on every door.
    9. Stay motivated.continue reading @ Regional Municipality of York
      See also, Employment Placement with Incentives program: Paid Employment  

    12 April 2011

    Tolerance a Canadian Myth or Fact

    Two current news stories give you two shades of opinions, and we value your opinions, right?

    • Tolerance a Canadian myth — DAVE DALE’s Soapboxing [highlight: Our tolerance for weather is also a reflection of not being able to tolerate people.]
    • Canadians are the most tolerant people in the developed world: report‎  [highlight: At 84 per cent on average, Canadians report the highest community tolerance of minority groups—ethnic minorities, migrants, and gays and lesbians—in the OECD, where the average is 61 per cent.”]
    So, what do you feel, reading the above?

      29 March 2011

      The Worst Resume Mistake EVER! @ Monster.ca


      Tip 1. Don’t Rely Entirely on Spell Check When Proofreading
      Tip 2. Customize Your Wording To The Job You’re Applying For
      Tip 3. Send It In The Proper Format
      Continue reading the full article: The Worst Resume Mistake EVER, by By Mark Swartz, Monster Senior Contributing Writer

      On the same shelf:
    • 5 Resume Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them -- see also: www.huffingtonpost.com
    • 15 March 2011

      It’s a paradox: high unemployment with serious labour shortages

      Doug Saunders | Globe and Mail, Feb. 19, 2011

      The above news headline offers a moment for reflection for all concerned about the real picture of Canadian job market. Is there then, a job saturation? If yes, does the labor market spell the sectors? If not, how does one justify the following:

    • "Looming shortage of ICT workers: study"

    • 'Unqualified' interpreters working in courts‎

    • CTV Toronto - New jobs created, but unemployment edges up

    • Nursing Shortage. What is it? How severe is it? How will it impact ...‎:

    • Hoping for a fulltime teaching job? Think again
      Oversupply of education graduates fueling teaching job shortage in Ontario

    • Canadian surgeons face flat-lining job market‎

    • Who will heal the nursing crisis?‎

    • Changing standards for training schools have created a flood of dental hygienists

      In another sense the paradox is multidimensional, there is resume flood, there is an endless preaching about trimming the resume, customizing, etc., etc., as in the following instances,

    • as depicted in this news story @ IT Business Edge: Companies Must Find Solution to Resume Overload.

    • there is a constant effort to trim the resume, as in these two news stories: LinkedIn’s top buzzwords list can help job hunters By Rafael Ruffolo, 14 Dec 2010 in ComputerWorld Canada; and
      10 Tips for Integrating Social Media and LinkedIn in to Your Job Search in 2011, in Windmills Marketing.

      More on the same shelf:

    • When the Marketing Reach of Social Media Backfires

    • Ottawa tech firm joins RIM in tablet computer war

    • Alberta a 'job-creation machine' while rest of country lags behind‎

    • New Canadians may help Ottawa labour crunch‎

    • Same old won't help young Canadians‎

    • Staff shortage forces overtime‎

    • For job-hunting PhDs, the degree was the easy part, [read as: finding a job is the v.v.v. difficult part]
    • 28 February 2011

      A Job Search Evening @ Mississauga Central Library

      My book discussion, A Job Search Evening, @ Mississauga Central Library, 301 Burnhamthorpe Road West, March 2, 2011, 7 - 8 p.m. See the event details, here.

      See the book details, here: Job Search The Canadian Way: What Works, What Doesn't

      PS. The book can now be ordered via COUTTS, S&B Books Ltd., and Amazon's Createspace.
      Or Download Ebook.

      Follow Event @ Facebook @ Twitter.

      06 February 2011

      Internet metering in Canada: Media Monitoring

      Latest update: Usage Billing For Internet is Over
      CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein said the introduction of the usage-based billing for smaller ISPs customer will be delayed by the regulator for 60 days. The file will also be reviewed.

      Best story, so far:
    • Geist: The real reason we pay so much for Internet, Toronto Star, Published On Sun Feb 06 2011:
      Extract (see the image on right):

      While addressing the CRTC decision is a good start, Canadians will be disappointed — some even surprised — to learn that Internet “metering” is already almost uniformly in place. The “caps” are the existing and common provider limits on usage, above which you are billed extra. They are unlikely to disappear anytime soon, what ever the CRTC decides after its review.
    • More images of Internet Usage Meters @ Google
    • Why not a metered Internet? The Globe and Mail
    • Seeing red over metered Internet, National Post
    • Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use, By Spectre
    • Fired up? Start a twitter petition, Vancouver Observer
    • Bell Canada: doing the Netflix hoki poki, p2pnet
    • CRTC reversal may not improve internet service, February 3, 2011 By Peja Bulatovic, CBC News
    • 22 January 2011

      How the Real-Time Web Changes Job Search

      The Internet as One Giant Job Board. A Quintessential Careers Annual Report 2010, by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.
      Here are the major trends we've observed about Internet job-hunting in the past year

    • The real-time Web is changing job search

    • Especially in the current economy, hiring decision-makers are increasingly deploying low-cost methods for finding candidates

    • Use of social-media, the fastest-growing recruiting method, is expanding overall (not just for job search), and niche social-media venues are emerging, the same way niche job boards emerged.

    • Job boards are increasingly integrating social-media functions, and hybrid job-board/social-media venues are emerging.

    • The job-board realm is simultaneously contracting and expanding.

    • Whether or not job boards die, some of their most ubiquitous products will probably die.

    • Face-to-face job-search techniques are more important than ever.

    • Final thoughts: At a time when the entire Internet can be thought of as one giant job board, no single online tool is the ultimate key to job-search success.
      ... Continue reading
      See also: Advice: Stop Being Creative in Your Job Search
      On the same shelf:
      Just released: Job Search The Canadian Way
      Buy our book:
      Download Ebook @ $10 CDN Add to Cart
      Buy softcover in print @ Createspace.com

      • 21 January 2011

        Online Homework help for Ontario School Students

        Watch the video:
        Free tutoring with certified teachers from the comfort of your own home! Watch how you can get help with your homework.
        • Homework Help is available online five days a week: Sunday to Thursday, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST.
        • Homework Help expanded from 16 to 31 school boards this year. That means across Ontario, about 236,000 English-language students will have access to Homework Help this year.

        On the same shelf:
      • Revving up online while lowering costs (Ontario government websites), South Asian Focus, January 19 2011
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