"The wise learn from their own experiences but the truly intelligent will learn from someone else's!" - Benjamin Franklin.

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Words of wisdom:
"Remember your weekly mix of activity will vary, depending on how soon you need to be employed, how much time you have to spend on your campaign each week, the economy, the relative difficulty of job finding in your targeted field, and the relative effectiveness of each job search method with regards to your job objective. Good Luck!!!" [source: JobSearch-in-Canada.com]
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28 April 2016

CV of Failures : Exploring Unsuccessful Attempts, Resiliency and Grit

"Some kind of moral discovery should be the object of every tale. "
Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer  (1857-1324) 
See more quotes in Dictionary of Library and Information Science Edited by
Mohamed Taher and L S Ramaiah. ISBN: 8185689423 (New Delhi , Aditya, 1994), pages 93-94.

CV of Failures:
"We all have failures in our careers. But usually we keep quiet about it." This Princeton professor posted his CV of failures for the world to see. It includes sections titled "Academic positions and fellowships I did not get" "Degree programs I did not get into,"  "Research funding I did not get" and "Paper rejections from academic journals."  [source: cnbc.com] Continue reading: JOHANNES HAUSHOFER's CV OF FAILURES, 2016.

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