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31 December 2009

Bye 2009: Retiring words: What overused words would you like to ban?

Vote @ CBC.ca: Poll: Which words do you hate the most?
By POV, CBC.ca
"The Word Banishment Committee of Lake Superior State University has a message for the technically savvy this year -- put down your app and chillax on the tweets, people.

App, tweet and chillax are just three of the 15 words the committee has nominated for retirement from the English language in a list released Thursday." continue reading

  • Chillax, the '09 banned words list has arrived, BY ROBIN ERB
    "Drawing nominations from English enthusiasts and those just plain tired of overused expressions, Lake Superior State University's Word Banishment Committee has issued its list of words and phrases it deems time to be "unfriended."

    Among them: "teachable moment," "czar," "shovel-ready" and combinations of words such as "sexting," "bromance" and "chillaxin.' "

    "Someone will say something and then everybody picks up on it, and it snowballs," said Joellen Eschenburg of Clinton Township, a retired government worker who said she went online earlier this year to nominate the phrase "come to the table."" continue reading

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  • 25 December 2009

    Tip of the Year @ How to Find a Job 65% Faster

    How to use Guerrilla job hunting tactics to find work 65% faster?, by newcomers immigrant canada

    Tip 3. Give employers another reason to hire you
    A 30-60-90 day plan is a way of proving you can do the work -- before you’re even on the payroll -- by describing how you would learn the job, build rapport with employees/customers, and contribute to the bottom line. continue reading other tips

    Bottom Line: Show your plan, i.e., real work plan. See more details here: Show Your Business Plan in your resume, or during the interview--what you will do.

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  • 22 December 2009

    CTV News Announces the Top 10 Canadian News Stories of 2009

    The complete list of CTV's Top 10 Canadian News Stories for 2009 as revealed on CANADA AM this morning is:

    1. The Recession (Jan. 1)
    2. H1N1 / The Swine Flu (Dec. 31)
    3. The Afghan Mission (Dec. 30)
    4. Newfoundland Chopper Crash (Dec. 29)
    5. Car Industry Collapse (Dec. 28)
    6. Tori Stafford (Dec. 27)
    7. Jim Balsillie's bid for the Phoenix Coyotes (Dec. 26)
    8. Earl Jones Ponzi Scheme (Dec. 25)
    9. The Olympic Torch Run (Dec. 24)
    10. Canadians in Space (Dec. 23)

    To see the complete announcement, go to http://www.ctvmedia.ca

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  • 17 December 2009

    Evangelicals in Canada Fight to Preserve Hiring Policy

  • By Ethan Cole|Christian Post Reporter
    The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada began on Tuesday defending in court the rights of religious organizations to hire people based on their religious beliefs.

    In the landmark religious freedom case Heintz v. Christian Horizons, the Superior Court of Ontario will consider whether to uphold an earlier ruling that a faith-based organization involved in social work cannot require an employee to share its same religious beliefs and service commitment. continue reading

  • Charities must prove purpose, lawyer says
    Discrimination case; Rights exemption for sharing faith, not doing good
    by Charles Lewis, National Post, December 17, 2009
  • 01 December 2009

    Newcomers get training in biotechnology

    "Ontario is helping eighty skilled newcomers get training in biotechnology that will help them get jobs in their field.
    The province is supporting the new Pathways to Employment in Biotechnology bridge training program, based in Mississauga, and offered jointly by the University of Toronto and Astra Zeneca. It is one of 16 projects that will help close to 5,000 newcomers get the training and supports they need to work in their field."

    08 November 2009

    Public safety, Online scams, Media monitoring

  • Roseman: Online scams abound
    Craigslist is a popular website, where you can sell your stuff without paying for listings.

    But some buyers are more interested in scamming you than in scoring a great deal.

    Alan Munro posted an ad on Craigslist to sell a windsurfer board. He got a quick response from a man who wanted to buy it sight unseen and would send a cheque for the full amount. Continue to read: Toronto Star. Similar stories of online scams, using Kijiji, Craigslist: here
    See also: Online car buyers warned of scams
    The Edmonton Sun
  • Public safety alert, Fraudulent moving companies
    The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of some moving companies defrauding customers. It is reported that: – these moving companies post advertisements in local papers, free news papers, and online, – they have been targeting the South Asian communities throughout the GTA. continue reading: Voice of Toronto see also: Similar stories @ Google
  • 20 October 2009

    Fans of Toronto Public Library 's post on Deskilled staff: Is that like deveined shrimp?

    Strike Averted: CUPE library workers reach a tentative agreement with the Toronto Public Library Board ~~ (November 4, 2009)

    Extract. Info courtesy: Connie Crosby

    Quote: "I walked out of Danse Danse Évolution and saw a couple of guys handing out flyers. Efficient library outreach! I thought. Nope. UNION!

    I must say, the library union isn’t doing a very good job of scare mongering.

    Unions are great sometimes and lousy other times, and neither of those things some other times. That’s my opinion. It’s probably your opinion. Only right-wing assholes think unions are never a good idea, and not even union stalwarts think they always are. (Be honest.)

    I talked to the guy who handed me this leaflet. When I told him I write this blog, he took a quarter-step back and started treating me like I was radioactive. “Yes,” he said warily. “I have heard about it.” Well, good – you shoulda.

    The leaflet makes the claim that the TPL Board “wants to… stay open to midnight with no professional librarians and many more part-time staff [and] get rid of reference desks.” I have asked around and concluded this is wilful exaggeration, reiterated in a union blog post." Unquote.

    TPL Union news update:

    02 October 2009

    True Torontonians invited to test their knowledge of city

    Source: National Post , October 01, 2009

    1 Toronto has an island. What's the name of Toronto's island?
    2 How many families does Mel Lastman have? (Hint: He was a Bad Boy).
    3 When was the last time Toronto won the Stanley Cup? (Hint: No, it wasn't before the dawn of time)
    4 Who is the Stanley Cup named after? a) Mayor Stanley bb) Another guy named Stanley c) A guy named Cup
    5 What country do most Torontonians originally come from? a) China b) Ital
    c) Montreal
    6 What is the name of the big lake just south of Lake Shore Boulevard? a)What lake? b) South Lake c) Asking me that question is lakeist
    7 Other Canadians admire Toronto for: a) Its sophistication b) Good governmen
    c) Successful sports franchises d) Its inexplicably high regard for itself despite having none of the above
    8 The Red Rocket refers to: a) A streetca
    b) Maurice Richard with a sunburn c) The Toronto Star launched into space
    9 A streetcar is
    a) A Ford on Yonge Street b) That big vehicle parked outside Tim's every mornin
    c) A slow-moving anachronism used as a justification for permanently tearing up St. Clair Ave.
    10 The traditional dividing line of Toronto is
    a) Yonge Street b) The Don Valle
    c) David Miller (pictured)Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/toronto/story.html?id=2052614#ixzz0Snemy6JH

    21 September 2009

    Michael Ignatieff Delivers Greetings for Eid

    Michael Ignatieff delivers greetings for Eid on behalf of the Liberal Party and the Official Opposition.

    Info courtesy: Abdul Hai Patel

    A tale of two countries' libraries - Canada vs USA

    Sep 20, 2009 Toronto Star

    Feature Writer

    "What Canadians won't be seeing in the years ahead is outsourcing, which is happening in several U.S. states, most famously in Jackson County, Ore.

    In 2007, it re-opened the doors to 15 public libraries after a lack of funds had forced them shut, the largest library closure in U.S. history. In the interim, the county outsourced them to a company called Library Systems & Services which now privately manages more than 50 across the U.S.

    The American Library Association opposes creeping privatization, calling libraries "not a simple commodity but an essential public good that should be directly accountable to the public they serve."

    "That trend," says a thankful Pyper, "is invisible up here." One thing librarians know for sure: The future is going to be expensive, but ensuring that people are literate – in all forms and formats – will pay big dividends, economic and otherwise, down the line."

    14 September 2009

    Driver wouldn't give him the time of day - in English

    • Police called, riders kicked off bus when immigrant passenger persists, By JASON MAGDER, THE GAZETTE September 5, 2009

    Info courtesy: yesat100@yahoo.com

    20 August 2009

    Healthcare debate in Canada: Media monitoring

    • Extract: A child has a fall from a slide. There's blood in his urine. The parents race him to the emergency room. Two hours later, the boy's having a CAT scan. (An American is twice as likely to use a CT machine in any given year as a Canadian, four times as likely as a Briton, and seven times as likely as a Dane.) A car driven by an illegal immigrant smashes into a tree. The driver and his family are horribly injured. They are raced to the nearest emergency room and treated, no questions asked, no bill presented.
    • Extract: Why is our system superior?
      First, it's universal. Second, I visited doctors twice in the last week and never had to haul out my credit card or chequebook before I could see them. Third, the quality of care I got in the last week was unparalleled. Fourth, many of our medical outcomes top those in the U.S....

    See also:

    Video: Can we please admit that the Europeans can teach us something about health care? August 20, Political Buzz Examiner Ryan Witt

    02 August 2009

    Dignity of labor (Oops: Labour): Australian PM once worked as toilet cleaner

    "Recalling his worst job experience, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he cleaned toilets and scrubbed floors on his way to country's top political job." source

    "I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living." Rockefeller, John D.

    see also: K Rudd's cruddy job - cleaning loos

    21 July 2009

    Happy to be here in Canada


    Extract: "I made the right decision to make Canada my home.
    Despite its unstable winter season and shortened sunny summer period, in spite of the challenges in trying to adjust to the new environment, and regardless of the imperfectness of its justice system, I still firmly believe I have come to the right place and at the right time. " continue reading

    12 July 2009

    Library Services for Newcomers to Canada: Embracing Cultural Diversity

    by Kendra Bender (MLIS student, School of Library &
    Information Studies, University of Alberta, CANADA), Information for Social Change Issue 26: Winter 2007- 2008.
    Excerpt from the Canadian Library Association 2007 Students Article Contest
    Press Release states: "The second runner-up is Kendra Bender for "Library Services for Newcomers to Canada: Embracing Cultural Diversity". Kendra is a student in the MLIS program at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. Comments on this entry were that it incorporates both personal experience and a professional research approach, it was well-written, timely and focuses on Canada. Kendra will also receive a cash prize courtesy of the Wosk Family and a choice of CLA publications." Read full press release.
    "...To help public libraries improve collections and services for Russian immigrants in Toronto, Dali (2004) conducted a study of the reading habits of this population. Unfortunately, the majority of respondents sampled in her survey were not satisfied with the collection of Russian-language books in their public libraries. However, the public library was characterized as a “place to spend time”, where English language materials about the history and customs of their new country could be accessed for free.[23] Accessing materials for free was a theme that reoccurred in Dali’s research. Improved income did not seem to reduce the respondents’ inclination to use the public library for acquiring desired Russian-language titles (if available), precisely because they were offered at no cost." continue reading
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    11 July 2009

    Discrimination common in Toronto rental market: study

    Watch the Video

    July 7, 2009 Comments64Recommend26
    CBC News
    "Volunteers posing as prospective tenants found discriminatory approaches by landlords in about a quarter of the cases, the study says. (CBC)
    A new study into rental housing says race, gender and marital status are all factors when it comes to finding accommodation in Canada's largest city.
    According to Toronto's Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, about a quarter of black, South Asian, single parents and households on social assistance face discrimination in the city's rental market.
    John Fraser, director of CERA, said in an interview with CBC that "if you're a single mother with a Caribbean accent, or someone with a South Asian accent … or someone receiving social assistance, you basically have a one in four chance of facing discrimination when you first inquire about renting an apartment." continue reading

    10 July 2009

    Wanted: Plumbers. Must not be foreign

    Red tape bars immigrants who could end skills shortage
    Apr 29, 2009, Toronto Star
    Comments on this story (46) Nicholas Keung IMMIGRATION REPORTER

    Getting foreign credentials and work experience certified in Canada isn't just a headache for brain-surgeon cabbies. A new study says immigrants in skilled trades, such as electricians and plumbers, also hit a brick wall when it comes to getting licensed and accessing jobs.
    The findings are alarming, says the Citizenship and Immigration Canada-funded report to be released today, because more than half of Ontario's skilled tradespeople will retire in the next five years and four of every 10 businesses that depend on skilled trades are expected to face labour shortages. continue reading

    31 May 2009

    Award ceremony recognizes top Canadian immigrants

    Updated: Tue May. 26 2009, ctvbc.ca

    The first annual Top 25 Canadian Immigrants award ceremony was held Monday in Vancouver, recognizing some of the most noteworthy new Canadians.
    The awards are the brainchild of Nick Noorani, publisher of Canadian Immigrant Magazine.
    "We've got people from Africa, Brazil, Romania, all across the world," Noorani said. "And we didn't choose them - Canada did."
    Nominations opened in November 2008, and the magazine received about 350 candidates. A panel of judges then shortlisted 75 of the nominees, and the online public voted for the winners.
    More than 10,000 Canadians participated in the vote. more at: http://www.canadianimmigrant.ca/top25

    20 March 2009

    Not All Struggles Are Equal ~~ Learning to Live with Racism

    Quotable quote: “I feel positive about living in Canada because you have to be very, very smart. You have to think above society. It’s very tough, but if you like something, you can achieve it. You make your mind up. There is a great
    deal of good opportunity in Canada if you are smart, sensible. I mean, some people make such fools of themselves. It’s too bad because the opportunity is in Canada – schooling, education, good jobs.” (P. 48), in Chapter Three: 'After Immigration: Identity and Culture Shock' by Francis Henry: The Caribbean Diaspora in Toronto,University of Toronto Press (1994).

    What the Book News' reviewer says about this book: "This ethnographic study examines the immigration process, culture shock, racism, religion, coping mechanisms and many other aspects of life for Toronto's Caribbean immigrants, and is strengthened by case studies and interviews." Read more from this book World Literature in English, 1998

    14 March 2009

    Becoming Canadian: Combating immigration fraud

    "Minister Kenney launches video warning potential immigrants about the dangers of unscrupulous immigration consultants ~~ Ottawa, March 10, 2009 — Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney today addressed the issue of immigration fraud before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration and launched a video warning against the dangers of unscrupulous immigration representatives offering immigration services..." continue reading

    Extract from the Video transcript: "Canada is the destination of choice for a quarter of a million people each year seeking a new home. They’re attracted by the prize of Canadian citizenship; a strong democracy and a stable government. Our immigration system is fair – by law — to each and every newcomer.
    Unfortunately, some newcomers are victims of scams – duped by immigration fraud artists. Irma Luque, Ricardo Miranda and their son Christian left Chile a dozen years ago for a new life in Canada. They now live in Toronto as permanent residents, but achieving that status was very hard. They put their faith in a Canadian Consultant who offered them work and visas. This consultant charged the family five thousand dollars U.S, and kept them waiting for years – yet he delivered no results...."

    Continue reading the transcript for “Becoming Canadian: Combating immigration fraud” Watch the video length: 2:30 minutes / or click here

    08 March 2009

    All's well in the kingdom of Canada

    Haroon Siddiqui @ Toronto Star, Mar 08, 2009

    "In the five years since it was established by some students at the University of Toronto, Israeli Apartheid Week has spread to 40 cities around the world, according to its organizers."

    Bottomline: "I found the officials at all three universities to be reasonable, even-handed and calm in the face of provocation and pressure.

    Contrary to all the claims and counter-claims, at times repeated by gullible media, all is reasonably well in the kingdom of Canada."

    21 February 2009

    Kenney dubbed: Minister for curry in a hurry....

    Ontario Tories urged to court new Canadians

    The Canadian Press
    February 21, 2009: globeandmail.com

    NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he's been dubbed “minister for curry in a hurry” by some of his colleagues because he's spent so much time courting new Canadians, a move that he urged his Ontario cousins to follow.
    In a speech Saturday to Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Mr. Kenney said he got the moniker after spending so many weekends meeting the “remarkable diversity” of new Canadians in the Toronto area.
    “I've been nicknamed by some of my colleagues as the minister for curry in a hurry,” he said, drawing laughs from the crowd assembled in Niagara Falls, Ont., for a weekend convention. continue reading [see also: Kenney urges Ont. Tories to court immigrants]

    29 January 2009

    OLA CONFERENCE OPENS IN TORONTO - Super Conference 2009 Poll

    A poll at the Ontario Library Association site has interesting results (as of 29 January, 2009):

    Are you attending Super Conference 2009?

    Yes, I usually do 48.7%
    Yes, for the first time 20.9%
    Not sure yet 6.2%
    No, although I wish I could 17.6%
    No, not interested 6.6%

    January 28 – January 31, 2009, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

    16 January 2009

    The 'Czech way' and The 'Canuck way' --Grading, education and miscellany

    Masaryk University in Brno
    Letter Home from a Czech University,
    Colder, barer, and in some ways better than U of Toronto.
    By Yasmeen Qureshi
    "...We were growing frustrated by what we called the Czech way. We missed our course outlines, fancy textbooks and PowerPoint presentations. But although I still found parts of it frustrating, I also realized that in Canada, while we have access to great research facilities, brilliant professors, computers, and a plethora of opportunities, we're missing more important things that they've got down.

    To start with, the Czech professors were more unconventional, spontaneous, and personal. One of our Czech professors spent the majority of our class time showing us films then facilitating discussions, because he thought it would help us get a sense of what it was like to live under Soviet rule. There was no state of the art film projector, and the films were subtitled, but that wasn't important. Our prof didn't care if he covered all of the course material. He was concerned with trying to get us to understand Czech culture, and its latent fear of outsiders.

    Here at U of T, my profs mostly present impersonal formulaic lectures, supplemented by course readings. They rarely take the time to stop and discuss, because the classes are too large, and they are always concerned about getting through all the course material. And although we have tutorials to supplement the lectures, they tend to simply focus on interpreting the readings. There never seems to be time to discuss the importance of the issues, or critically analyze their root cause." continue reading

    10 January 2009

    Study exposes tolerance of racism ~~ Toronto Star

    York U. study finds that while most condemn bigotry, majority fail to respond to anti-black acts Jan 09, 2009 04:30 AM
    Comments on this story (78) Joseph Hall Staff Reporter
    "When it comes to repudiation of racism, words speak louder than actions, according to a York University study that suggests people are far more tolerant of bigotry than they might express.
    While people would clearly condemn racism in advance, the majority of non-black people would sit mute and indifferent as blatant acts of anti-black racism occurred before them, according to the Toronto research, published today in the journal Science." Continue reading @ Toronto Star /Science Obama or no Obama, racism is here to stay

    see also:

    02 January 2009

    More Jobs For Librarians Than Ever Before: How True?

    First, The Canadian News:

    • Library Manager: More Jobs For Librarians Than Ever Before,
      -- “If you want a job right now and you’ve got an undergraduate degree, go to library school and get your masters of library science,” says Jason Bird, manager of library technical services for the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Canada.

    Second, The American News:

    • The 30 Best Careers for 2009
      U.S. News's annual list of 30 Best Careers gets updated for a rapidly changing economy. -- They haveranked librarianship as one of the 30 best careers for 2009.
    • More Librarian Jobs Than Ever Before”?…12.31.08
      "I’m skeptical about the following from LibGig titled “Library Manager: More Jobs for Librarians Than Ever Before, but it may be perceived as true at least since library school enrollment appears to be up in general. Of course, it may be only in “the Great White North”"
    • job search, n. see: endless frustration:The false “librarian shortage” has been discussed, at length, in many forums. What surprises me is how little this dichotomy between theory–a vast pool of aging librarians retiring as we speak–and reality–very few jobs open to the new librarian with little experience–is being addressed in practice....
      + a reader's comment: " large part of this problem is that library schools do not make library experience a mandatory part of the curriculum"
    • why there is no librarian jobs

    Bottom-line: Is it time to think inside the box or think outside the box. What is your response to this picture, with the background that you may have or by browsing the book displayed, above?

    01 January 2009

    Immigrants in Canada stuck in low-paying jobs -- Stats Can Reports

    News @ The Times of India, 24 Dec 2008
    "Professionals and degree-holders seeking immigration to Canada, beware! The number of degree-holder immigrants, including doctors and engineers, stuck in jobs with low education requirements, such as clerks, truck and cab drivers and salespeople, has risen steadily since the last recession of early 1990s, says a new study by Statistics Canada.

    Employment problems for new immigrants will only get worse as Canada enters recession, experts warn." Continue reading
    NB. Info courtesy: Ahtasham Rizvi
    See also:


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