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29 March 2011

The Worst Resume Mistake EVER! @ Monster.ca


Tip 1. Don’t Rely Entirely on Spell Check When Proofreading
Tip 2. Customize Your Wording To The Job You’re Applying For
Tip 3. Send It In The Proper Format
Continue reading the full article: The Worst Resume Mistake EVER, by By Mark Swartz, Monster Senior Contributing Writer

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  • 15 March 2011

    It’s a paradox: high unemployment with serious labour shortages

    Doug Saunders | Globe and Mail, Feb. 19, 2011

    The above news headline offers a moment for reflection for all concerned about the real picture of Canadian job market. Is there then, a job saturation? If yes, does the labor market spell the sectors? If not, how does one justify the following:

  • "Looming shortage of ICT workers: study"

  • 'Unqualified' interpreters working in courts‎

  • CTV Toronto - New jobs created, but unemployment edges up

  • Nursing Shortage. What is it? How severe is it? How will it impact ...‎:

  • Hoping for a fulltime teaching job? Think again
    Oversupply of education graduates fueling teaching job shortage in Ontario

  • Canadian surgeons face flat-lining job market‎

  • Who will heal the nursing crisis?‎

  • Changing standards for training schools have created a flood of dental hygienists

    In another sense the paradox is multidimensional, there is resume flood, there is an endless preaching about trimming the resume, customizing, etc., etc., as in the following instances,

  • as depicted in this news story @ IT Business Edge: Companies Must Find Solution to Resume Overload.

  • there is a constant effort to trim the resume, as in these two news stories: LinkedIn’s top buzzwords list can help job hunters By Rafael Ruffolo, 14 Dec 2010 in ComputerWorld Canada; and
    10 Tips for Integrating Social Media and LinkedIn in to Your Job Search in 2011, in Windmills Marketing.

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  • When the Marketing Reach of Social Media Backfires

  • Ottawa tech firm joins RIM in tablet computer war

  • Alberta a 'job-creation machine' while rest of country lags behind‎

  • New Canadians may help Ottawa labour crunch‎

  • Same old won't help young Canadians‎

  • Staff shortage forces overtime‎

  • For job-hunting PhDs, the degree was the easy part, [read as: finding a job is the v.v.v. difficult part]
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