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29 November 2013

Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism - CIC

further information (media only), please contact:
Alexandra Fortier
Minister’s Office – Minister Kenney
Media Relations
Communications Branch
Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Canadian refused entry to u.s. based on confidential health records

Disabled woman denied entry to U.S. after agent cites supposedly private medical details

A Toronto woman is shocked after she was denied entry into the U.S. because she had been hospitalized for clinical depression. www.thestar.com

28 November 2013

Open for Business: Canadian Universities sacrifice principles in collaboration agreements, CAUT Report

Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). - See more at: http://www.caut.ca/news/2013/11/20/canadian-universities-sacrifice-principles-in-pursuing-collaborations-report#sthash.YzC6HgRV.dpuf
Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), Report

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25 November 2013

Toronto named world’s most youthful city, in a good way

By Matthew Coutts | Daily Brew  
he CN Tower is seen along the Toronto skyline from Centre Island.Congratulations, Toronto. According to a new index measuring major cities across the world, you are the most youthful.
And that youthful tag doesn't mean you are prone to tomfoolery (except, perhaps, at city hall) or need to be chaperoned at the grocery store, it means Toronto is the best place in the world to live, work and play.
The YouthfulCities Index named Toronto the "Youthful City of the Year 2014" for its diversity, its high levels of youth employment and digital access, among other features.  The city’s nightlife, music and arts scenes also played a positive factor.
Toronto beat out Berlin and New York, which placed second and third respectively. 

See also: Slideshow: Top 10 youthful cities

24 November 2013

Prince Edward Island's Alberton library fears closure

Alberton library fears closure

No change in municipal funding policy, says province

CBC News Posted: Nov 22, 2013
Provincial policies around funding of services in municipalities could shut off crucial funding for a library in western P.E.I., and close it down, say library board officials.The public library in Alberton first opened 80 years ago. It is part of the provincial system, with purchases and a part-time librarian funded by the province. But unlike most provincial libraries it receives a further grant from thetown of $2,500 to pay for heat and lights. Continue reading

23 November 2013

Oxford Dictionaries has named ‘selfie’ ‘Word of the Year’ for 2013

OXFORD, WE NEED TO HAVE A WORD ABOUT ‘SELFIE’... The ‘Word of the Year’ reflects a contemporary crisis of judgement. .spiked-online.com

Extract: The announcement that Oxford Dictionaries has named ‘selfie’ ‘Word of the Year’ for 2013, has been met with an inevitable outpouring of outrage and snarkiness.
For those who are either allergic to the internet or merely have better things to do than prowl Instagram all day, ‘selfie’ refers to taking a photo of yourself – usually on a smartphone – which is then, customarily, uploaded to a social-media site. It’s believed to have been coined by an Australian student in 2002. He snapped a photo of the busted lip he suffered due to a sozzled fall, and uploaded it online with the caption ‘…sorry about the focus, it was a selfie’. In the last year, the term has really caught on – even the pope’s been at it – and Oxford Dictionaries calculates its usage across the internet has increased a whopping 17,000 per cent. .spiked-online.com

22 November 2013

Rob Ford can't have my job: Harper, Edmonton Journal

LAC-MEGANTIC, Que. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is speaking out for the first time on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — and keeping his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.
Harper joked that he’s heard Ford say publicly he wants to be prime minister, a notion Harper said he clearly can’t support.
But when it comes to the Toronto mayor’s future, Harper said that’s for the voters of that city to decide.
Harper said the Conservative government’s position is clear: There are strict drug laws in place, and no one should be buying or using illegal drugs, especially sitting politicians. Continue reading  Edmonton Journal
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Cookbook steeped in rich history, Brampton Guardian

Spice & Kosher - Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews  By Bala Menon, Kenny Salem and Dr Essie Sassoon

ByAshley Goodfellow, Brampton GuardianOct 24, 2013
BRAMPTON— Spice &  Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews, is not your typical cookbook— but its recipe is simple.
Take one-part history, one-part tradition, one-part religion, a whole lot of food, let it simmer and serve to the masses.
It’s a book about the preservation and significance of a specific cuisine from the dying community in Cochin, India.
That’s what sparked Brampton resident Bala Menon, along with co-authors Dr. Essie Sassoon and Kenny Salem, to share the historical significance of Cochin’s cuisine. continue reading Brampton Guardian
On the same shelf:
Staff Writer, South Asian Focus, Print Edition:  Nov 21 2013, volume: 7 issue: 47
Ever heard of ‘Cochini Jews’? No? Yet they continue to reside in the original, white-walled streets of Jew Town — even if there are just eight among them there around the synagogue today, all elderly.
And GTA residents Bala Menon and Kenny Salem — both originally hailing from Kerala in India — are determined to keep the Cochini Jews story alive.
Their quest has today resulted in a book, ‘Spice & Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews’, written jointly by Menon and Salem, along with Dr Essie Sassoon, a Cochini Jew, and today living in Ashkelon, Israel.
The book contains some 200 recipes — and, through the recipes, seeks to outline the history of the Jews of Cochin.
“It’s such an important part of India’s history and Kerala’s heritage,” says Menon. contiue reading southasianfocus.ca

Doctor Who's Canadian connection

21 November 2013

World’s Biggest Bookstore closes February, sold to developer

Cole family is selling World’s Biggest Bookstore, a Toronto landmark since 1980, to developer behind the Four Seasons Hotel and Liberty Market Lofts.

By:  Business reporter, Published on Thu Nov 21 2013 thestar.com

It’s not actually the world’s biggest bookstore. There is a Barnes & Noble in New York City that is more than twice as large. But it still houses a vast number of books, including a wall of Shakespeare, a wall of poetry and another dedicated to Manga. It has long rows of fiction, including a Star Wars section.
And, like Sam the Record Man, which closed in 2007, and Honest Ed’s, which has been sold to a Vancouver developer, the World’s Biggest Bookstore was a brash, quirky retailer that for a long time anchored Toronto’s retail landscape.
Drew McGowen, vice-president of real estate and development for Indigo Books & Music Inc., said the store was at the end of a lease and the company could not afford the new rent. 

On Discovery Services and Search, Thus Said Stephen Abram

An important post from Dave Pattern about discovery services and search. I especially like the focus on looking at your analytics and taking them to the next level (for example cost per use of digital resources declining a lot and the ratio of physical to digital format access)... Read: Dave Pattern's Relevancy Rules
Dave Pattern says: 
OK, so why am I ranting on about all this stuff? It's simply because I've been pulling out some usage stats from our Summon instance…
  • The library's print collection accounts for just 0.3% of the items, but accounts for 10.3% of the result clicks — I think our users are trying to tell us that they think our OPAC sucks and they'd rather use Summon to search for books
  • 89% of the results clicked on appeared on the first page of results — as with Google, users rarely delve any further the page 1 of the results
  • Only 2% of result clicks came from beyond the 4th page of the results — very few users will explore the long tail of results
  • 50.5% of result clicks were for the first 4 results on page 1 — the majority of users won't even bother to scroll down the page!
  • 72.3% of searches used 3 keywords or less — students are using their Google skills
  • Since launching Summon, we've seen increases of 300% to 1000% in the COUNTER full-text download stats for many of the journal platforms we subscribe to — although "cost per use" can be a crude measure, we're getting much better value out of our e-resource subscriptions now.  Continue reading: Relevancy Rules in Self-plagiarism is style, Dave Pattern's blog 

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20 November 2013

Researching American Indian ancestry, "Great Surprise" reports National Geographic

"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins: 

Oldest human genome reveals less of an East Asian ancestry than thought 

Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe, rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according to a newly sequenced genome. continue reading: National Geographic
On the same shelf of Globalization in a global village:

19 November 2013

BioTalent Canada: high newcomer unemployment rates despite skills shortage

BioTalent Canada report indicates scientific newcomers face high unemployment, and skills shortages exist in Canada's bio-economy read the complete report

18 November 2013

Toronto’s University attempts to help homeless people around campus

By Anthony Marchese and Aidan Slind 
Published: 3:28 am, 18 November 2013
Vol CXXXIV, No. 10 under 

As winter approaches, more of Toronto’s homeless are looking for protection from the cold, and the University of Toronto, with its large downtown campus and plenty of public facilities, provides shelter for many. continue reading

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16 November 2013

Ranking of Canadian Universities in Webometrics

Ps. See the all ranking charts and a complete list of all Canadian Universities and Colleges, here

On the same shelf:

Resources for Canadian Stock Investors -- Annotated list of books

Info courtesy:  Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies  Andrew Dagys  and  Paul Mladjenovic (4th edition, 2013: pp. 331-332)

Book Description

Master the basics of stock investing? Easy.If you want to learn how to profitably invest in stocks, this is the book for you. This updated new edition of Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies offers straight answers and simple advice for any Canadian who wants to take control of his or her portfolio. With practical guidance on making wise investments in any market—even today's uncertain one—this plain-English guide covers unique investment segments, how to invest in different market situations, and real and recent examples on what to invest in and when. With fully updated references and resources, this is the perfect stock investing guide for beginners.
  • Updated to include the latest information on the current stock market, as well as fresh case studies
  • Written by expert authors—one an accountant and the other a certified financial planner and investing consultant
  • Ideal for novice investors and those planning for retirement  
  • Paperback: 384 pages; Publisher: For Dummies; 4th Revised edition edition (2013); 
  • ISBN-10: 1118478096 / ISBN-13: 978-1118478097

15 November 2013

Philippines typhoon aid: Canned food donations can be a 'curse'

CBC.ca   Nov 13 02:20am
In times of disaster like the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, many instinctively reach for food and clothes to donate from their own homes, but aid organizations and charities caution that such help can pose a problem.

Cash the most effective donation

14 November 2013

First-ever Forum on the Future of Toronto Public Library

First-ever Forum on the Future of Our Public Library – Sunday, November 24th – 2 pm to 4pm – Council Chamber – City Hall - See more at:http://ourpubliclibrary.to/#event 
Toronto has the busiest and, by most measures, the best library system in North America. But this precious public asset, founded in 1883, is falling behind. How could it not, after 20 years of political neglect and budget cuts? 
More service reductions are being planned for 2014 and beyond. Toronto Council is closely divided on this issue. Major decisions will be made soon. Your voice will make a difference. continue reading more @ Mayank Bhatt posted in Generally About Books

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13 November 2013

Photographing the world, one Torontonian at a time

Photographing the world, one Torontonian at a time.

So far:

  • John (South Korea)
  • Melvyn (Botswana)
  • Lis (Denmark)
  • Nadia (Bangladesh)
  • Bruno (Belgium)
  • Ava (Germany)
  • Many more to come: http://cosmopolistoronto.com
Info courtesy:
Naeem Nick NooraniRetweeted Cosmopolis Toronto (@cosmopolistor):
@VitoMarchese looking for people born outside of #Canada who call#Toronto home for portrait project. Please RT. http://t.co/esFawS0TOj

12 November 2013

A Four Step Reality Check for Job Seekers

A 4 Step Reality Check for Job Seekers

U.S. News & World Report (blog) November 12, 2013
"I'm just starting my job search," said a newly unemployed executive. "I'm bright, I know that I communicate well, and have lots of contacts in my industry. I'm not like all those other people who are unemployed for the long term. I'm sure that I won't have any difficulty finding my next position."
 Maybe so. But all too often, the axiom "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" applies to highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals who are at the top of their game. Regardless of whether you are just beginning your job search, or have been at it for a while, a serious gut check may be in order. Ask yourself these four questions:
1. Are you self-absorbed or self-aware? 2. Do you have today's required job hunt skills? 3. Are your expectations realistic? 4. Are you prepared for the long haul? continue reading 

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10 November 2013

Browsing the Toronto Public Library stacks for inspiration

PS. This post is inspired by Mayank Bhatt posted in Generally About Books

What is the strength of Toronto Public Library, if you wish to visualize 'Toronto City?'
A Boolean search by title (Toronto AND city) shows 374 titles in the Toronoto Public Library

Items that I can...

Publication Year


Ontario  (261)
Toronto  (223)
Airports  (35)

See also: Browsing the city stacks for inspiration - Writer in Residence - Shawn Micallef
PS. A comment suggests this should be titled: 'Walking the City for Inspiration....' )


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