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19 May 2014

"Victoria Day: Only in Canada" + "Happy Victoria Day! Or is that May 2-4?"


The 'May Two-Four' long weekend is as distinctively Canadian as the two-four with which it is often celebrated.
Many Canadians may have the idea that Victoria Day is an internationally observed event that connects us — however quaintly and tenuously — with other remnants of the old British Empire as we collectively celebrate our colonial heritage by pulling up lawn chairs and raising a glass or a beer bottle to the tubby little Empress of Canada, India, Australia, Britain and points between.
Couldn’t be further from the truth.
Canada is the only country in the world to celebrate Victoria Day, and the ‘May Two-Four’ long weekend is as distinctively Canadian as the two-four — a case of 24 bottles of beer — with which it is often celebrated.
There is a Victoria Day in Australia — but it’s a completely different critter, a localized event marking the founding of the southern Aussie state of Victoria (as a separate colony in 1851) and it’s celebrated, coincidentally, on July 1.
continue reading the article by Alan Parker @ Macleans.ca
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17 May 2014

‘How is Rob Ford mayor of Toronto?’ A symposium in Washington DC

Academics gather in U.S. capitol to test their intellectual mettle with a tough question: ‘How is Rob Ford mayor of Toronto?’
The Wilson Center's Canada Institute held a symposium on a topic that has fascinated people in Canada, and beyond: How is Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto? news.nationalpost.com
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The Rob Ford Phenomenon: What’s going on in Toronto?

Event:  The Wilson Center's Canada Institute,
May 16, 2014 // 10:00am  11:00am

03 May 2014

Brampton Flyer Incident - media monitoring


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