"The wise learn from their own experiences but the truly intelligent will learn from someone else's!" - Benjamin Franklin.

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"Remember your weekly mix of activity will vary, depending on how soon you need to be employed, how much time you have to spend on your campaign each week, the economy, the relative difficulty of job finding in your targeted field, and the relative effectiveness of each job search method with regards to your job objective. Good Luck!!!" [source: JobSearch-in-Canada.com]
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20 August 2009

Healthcare debate in Canada: Media monitoring

  • Extract: A child has a fall from a slide. There's blood in his urine. The parents race him to the emergency room. Two hours later, the boy's having a CAT scan. (An American is twice as likely to use a CT machine in any given year as a Canadian, four times as likely as a Briton, and seven times as likely as a Dane.) A car driven by an illegal immigrant smashes into a tree. The driver and his family are horribly injured. They are raced to the nearest emergency room and treated, no questions asked, no bill presented.
  • Extract: Why is our system superior?
    First, it's universal. Second, I visited doctors twice in the last week and never had to haul out my credit card or chequebook before I could see them. Third, the quality of care I got in the last week was unparalleled. Fourth, many of our medical outcomes top those in the U.S....

See also:

Video: Can we please admit that the Europeans can teach us something about health care? August 20, Political Buzz Examiner Ryan Witt

02 August 2009

Dignity of labor (Oops: Labour): Australian PM once worked as toilet cleaner

"Recalling his worst job experience, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he cleaned toilets and scrubbed floors on his way to country's top political job." source

"I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living." Rockefeller, John D.

see also: K Rudd's cruddy job - cleaning loos


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