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29 April 2014

Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop : Ban @ Toronto Public Library???

Toronto residents asked their public library to remove six books and a DVD over the past year, and one of those books was Dr. Seuss's Hop on Pop. The classic rhyming tale of fatherhood and saltation was accused of putting pops at risk of being actually hopped on.
The complaint argued that the book "encourages children to use violence against their fathers," and demanded that the library "pay for damages resulting from the book."
The library's Materials Review Committee, which takes all complaints, even those of obvious trolls, "very seriously," declined to remove Hop on Pop. They described it as "humorous" and "well-loved," and pointed out how many times it's made best children's book lists.  continue reading: Toronto Library Asked to Ban Hop on Pop to Protect Dads @ gawker.com
Loved by generations, this “simplest Seuss for youngest use” is a Beginner Book classic. See Red and Ned and Ted and Ed in a bed. And giggle as Pat sits on a hat and on a cat and on a bat . . . but a cactus? Pat must NOT sit on that! This classic Beginner Book makes an ideal gift for Seuss fans and is an especially good way to show Pop some love on Father’s Day!

Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.

Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop does not encourage ‘violence against fathers,’ library says in rejecting ban request nationalpost.com
"Despite a demand to ban the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop because it “encourages children to use violence against their fathers,” the Toronto Public Library rejected the request after careful consideration."

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  • “Violent” Dr. Seuss book should be banned from library, patron says ... Toronto Star -- 

    "Toronto Public Library's annual list of challenged items includes beloved children's picture book, Hop on Pop."

22 April 2014

Save the time of the reader: 'Queens Library is being asked to open the books for a full audit.'

Dr. S R Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science, best practice suggestions:

1. Books are for use
2. Every reader his/her book
3. Every book its reader
4. Save the time of the reader
5. The library is a growing organism
 In today's news:
  • Queens library boss should open financial books : Queens Library boss Thomas Galante should hand over financial books to City Controller Scott Stringer City Controller Scott Stringer wants to know what Thomas Galante is hiding. Stringer has asked a judge to force Galante to open the library's books for a full audit. So far, the library boss has refused. Read more : New York Daily News
  • Operation Get Galante: Union-Supported Politicians Go After Head of Queens Library System, The Epoch Times: "Queens Library CEO and President Thomas Galante is having a bad year. His once-solid reputation has taken a hit from allegations of mismanagement and corruption at the taxpayer-supported library system. The charges include excessive compensation, waste, and failure to disclose outside sources of income. The FBI and the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) have launched probes into the most serious accusations against Galante: that he inappropriately gave lucrative contracts to associates."

14 April 2014

Basic Human Needs Dimension of Canada according to Social Progress Index

Read the full report and visuals, here.

"Harvard business professor Michael E. Porter, who earlier developed the Global Competitiveness Report, designed the SPI. A new way to look at the success of countries, the SPI studies 132 nations and evaluates 54 social and environmental indicators for each country that matter to real people. Rather than measuring a country’s success by its per capita GDP, the index is based on an array of data reflecting suicide, ecosystem sustainability, property rights, access to healthcare and education, gender equality, attitudes toward immigrants and minorities, religious freedom, nutrition, infrastructure and more..."

"Of issues covered by the Basic Human Needs Dimension, Canada does best in areas including Nutrition and Basic Medical Care and has the greatest opportunity to improve human wellbeing by focusing more on Shelter. Of issues covered by the Foundations of Wellbeing Dimension, Canada excels at providing building blocks for people's lives such as Access to Basic Knowledge but would benefit from greater investment in Ecosystem Sustainability. Of issues covered by the Opportunity Dimension, Canada outperforms in providing opportunities for people to improve their position in society and scores highly in Personal Freedom and Choice yet falls short in Access to Advanced Education.

Social Progress Index: 86.95;
Basic Human Needs: 93.52;
Foundations of Wellbeing: 80.31;
Opportunity: 87.02 -- Personal Rights: 87.96;
Personal Freedom and Choice (Freedom over life choices, Freedom of religion, Modern slavery,
human trafficking and child marriage,
Satisfied demand for contraception, Corruption): 91.14;

Tolerance and Inclusion (Women treated with respect, Tolerance for immigrants,
Tolerance for homosexuals, Discrimination and violence against minorities, Religious tolerance,
Community safety net) : 86.79;

Read the full report and visuals, here.

13 April 2014

Ten signs that you’re a Canadian immigrant


Info courtesy: Mayank Bhatt, Canadian Immigrant columnist.



10 signs that you’re a Canadian immigrant, By Takara Small

1. You have been told you have “no Canadian experience”
2. You now know what a  “double double”  is!
3. You’re no longer amazed by the snow
4. You quickly realized that you had to keep improving your English
5. You sent out hundreds of resumés, but didn’t receive one reply
6. You keep persevering despite the challenges you have faced
7. You worked a “survival” job
8. You have friends from all over the world
9. You changed your name after you immigrated
10. You love Canada!

12 April 2014

The Heartbleed Hit List + LastPass Heartbleed checker, Just-in-case The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

* * Ottawa orders sites vulnerable to Heartbleed shut 
*  *'Heartbleed Bug' puts Web security at risk A vulnerability in the OpenSSL program could compromise encryption on much of the Internet, putting passwords and data at risk. Experts say now is not the time for online banking.
* * nationalpost.com: A little over two years ago, at one minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve 2011, a German computer programmer called Robin Seggelman made a small error in an update to OpenSSL, a program that lets computers trade data securely, as in email or banking.
It was a programmer’s typo, of a sort that is routinely caught and corrected, but the damage it caused could make Heartbleed, as the error is now known, worse than any other virus, glitch or bug of the Internet age.
In effect, the error created a secret back door to supposedly secure websites. Though it is now being frantically “patched,” it has been unlocked for more than two years, with reports Friday suggesting it has been quietly exploited all along by the U.S.’s National Security Agency (NSA).
Friday, Canada shut down all government websites that use OpenSSL, notably the one for filing taxes, fearing they were under constant attack.
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