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31 December 2009

Bye 2009: Retiring words: What overused words would you like to ban?

Vote @ CBC.ca: Poll: Which words do you hate the most?
By POV, CBC.ca
"The Word Banishment Committee of Lake Superior State University has a message for the technically savvy this year -- put down your app and chillax on the tweets, people.

App, tweet and chillax are just three of the 15 words the committee has nominated for retirement from the English language in a list released Thursday." continue reading

  • Chillax, the '09 banned words list has arrived, BY ROBIN ERB
    "Drawing nominations from English enthusiasts and those just plain tired of overused expressions, Lake Superior State University's Word Banishment Committee has issued its list of words and phrases it deems time to be "unfriended."

    Among them: "teachable moment," "czar," "shovel-ready" and combinations of words such as "sexting," "bromance" and "chillaxin.' "

    "Someone will say something and then everybody picks up on it, and it snowballs," said Joellen Eschenburg of Clinton Township, a retired government worker who said she went online earlier this year to nominate the phrase "come to the table."" continue reading

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  • 25 December 2009

    Tip of the Year @ How to Find a Job 65% Faster

    How to use Guerrilla job hunting tactics to find work 65% faster?, by newcomers immigrant canada

    Tip 3. Give employers another reason to hire you
    A 30-60-90 day plan is a way of proving you can do the work -- before you’re even on the payroll -- by describing how you would learn the job, build rapport with employees/customers, and contribute to the bottom line. continue reading other tips

    Bottom Line: Show your plan, i.e., real work plan. See more details here: Show Your Business Plan in your resume, or during the interview--what you will do.

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  • 22 December 2009

    CTV News Announces the Top 10 Canadian News Stories of 2009

    The complete list of CTV's Top 10 Canadian News Stories for 2009 as revealed on CANADA AM this morning is:

    1. The Recession (Jan. 1)
    2. H1N1 / The Swine Flu (Dec. 31)
    3. The Afghan Mission (Dec. 30)
    4. Newfoundland Chopper Crash (Dec. 29)
    5. Car Industry Collapse (Dec. 28)
    6. Tori Stafford (Dec. 27)
    7. Jim Balsillie's bid for the Phoenix Coyotes (Dec. 26)
    8. Earl Jones Ponzi Scheme (Dec. 25)
    9. The Olympic Torch Run (Dec. 24)
    10. Canadians in Space (Dec. 23)

    To see the complete announcement, go to http://www.ctvmedia.ca

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  • 17 December 2009

    Evangelicals in Canada Fight to Preserve Hiring Policy

  • By Ethan Cole|Christian Post Reporter
    The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada began on Tuesday defending in court the rights of religious organizations to hire people based on their religious beliefs.

    In the landmark religious freedom case Heintz v. Christian Horizons, the Superior Court of Ontario will consider whether to uphold an earlier ruling that a faith-based organization involved in social work cannot require an employee to share its same religious beliefs and service commitment. continue reading

  • Charities must prove purpose, lawyer says
    Discrimination case; Rights exemption for sharing faith, not doing good
    by Charles Lewis, National Post, December 17, 2009
  • 01 December 2009

    Newcomers get training in biotechnology

    "Ontario is helping eighty skilled newcomers get training in biotechnology that will help them get jobs in their field.
    The province is supporting the new Pathways to Employment in Biotechnology bridge training program, based in Mississauga, and offered jointly by the University of Toronto and Astra Zeneca. It is one of 16 projects that will help close to 5,000 newcomers get the training and supports they need to work in their field."


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