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"Remember your weekly mix of activity will vary, depending on how soon you need to be employed, how much time you have to spend on your campaign each week, the economy, the relative difficulty of job finding in your targeted field, and the relative effectiveness of each job search method with regards to your job objective. Good Luck!!!" [source: JobSearch-in-Canada.com]
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18 November 2011

English-sounding names hold edge for job seekers in survey

Emily Jackson, Oct 14 2011, Toronto Star
Looking for a job? If your name is Panav Singh, expect fewer callbacks than Matthew Wilson, even if your resumés are exactly the same.
Employers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal “significantly discriminate” against applicants with Chinese and Indian names compared to those with English names, researchers have found.
On average, resumés with English-sounding names received 35 per cent more callbacks, according to a study supported by Metropolis B.C., a federally funded immigration and diversity research centre.
Researchers sent out thousands of resumés listing identical experience to online job application sites, changing only the names of the applicants, and measured the response rate from employers.
Recruiters in Toronto and Montreal were 45 per cent more likely to call Alison Johnson over Min Liu, while Vancouverites were 20 per cent more likely to respond to those with English-sounding names.Continue reading

12 November 2011

Get Canadian Work Experience with a Practice Firm

Posted @ Toronto Public Library

Need Canadian experience? Need recent experience? Consider applying for a practical hands-on "job" with a practice firm. You don't get paid but the employment success rate for graduates is excellent.

A Practice Firm does all the business activities of a real business but does not actually get money for its products or services. The practice firms only do business with other practice firms in Canada and in Europe. Each firm is set up using a particular business sponsor as its model. The business operates like a real business but the product and money transactions are not real. Participants have specific roles in the business, such as accountant and they contribute to the success of their practice firm, just like in the real world.

Toronto / GTA Practice Firms:


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