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23 April 2013

Together, we can roll back the Provincial library cuts!

Please ask Premier Wynne to reverse cuts to public library operating grants, cut in half largely at ... click here: e-activist.com

Info courtesy: Mayank Bhatt @ Generally About Books : Sign the petition...

14 April 2013

Overseas Citizenship of India is not the same for all Non-resident Indians: Some still have to go the extra mile

This post (on OCI/Dual citizenship/Overseas citizen's extra fee plus a new sticker in case of acquiring a 'new foreign passport by senior NRIS's as well junior NRI's), aims to alert the NRIS' who may have not read the following:

"Anger builds: Livid at Overseas Citizen of India regulations, community plans protests," George Joseph India Abroad April 19, 2013 -- The much vaunted OCI Card!!! [includes a picture of Participants at meetings on OCI card issues in Bergen County, New Jersey, and Philadelphia]; + Sanjay Puri's 'The Diaspora has been the victim,' India Abroad April 19, 2013. 

Facebook has a tragic story (Is this the way India wants to treat its Overseas Citizens??Connecticut/Ahmedabad, 20 March, 2011) of a Gujarati Janak Parekh's family not being allowed to enter India, because they didn't follow the  rule (new sticker with new fee, for new foreign passport).
Note: How much the family must have had to face the problem given the fact they were with those under the age of 20, as well. (a petition needs to be comprehensive, then the one given below just for the kids).  

Other experiences (an OCI is entitled to life-long-visa free travel to India, but you must read the fine print, anyways to know what OIC is-and is-not):

"Incidentally, I got my OCI after age 50 and have traveled to India with a new passport and my old passport that has the OCI U Visa stamp on it, without any problems. The immigration staff are well aware of the rules, on arrival at the airport when I presented my new passport that did not have the OCI visa stamped on it, I was politely asked for the passport that had the OCI visa, I showed the immigration officer my old passport with the OCI U Visa stamp and did not encounter any problems." Nriinformation.com

"I know it was my mistake for not taking my old passport with the visa sticker with me and I will never make the same mistake again; the main purpose of my mail was to warn my friends not to make the same mistake that I made. " Denied Entry with OCI Card

OCI card holders affected by new rules – Indian families facing ... immigrationvoice.org

Grievance related to reissuance of OCI's issued to children of Indian passport holding parents. Petition

OCI – Overseas Citizen of India follies
Very important and least publicized (a renewal fee and a sticker for life long-visa holders, i.e., if you are below 20 and above 50 years of age). There was no such fee (to get a sticker) until the year 2008--see the CGIToronto Website.

Extract of the need for a STICKER and a FEE from Consulate General of India, Toronto's Website:
I. In case of issuance of new foreign passport
OCI registration certificate and 'U' visa sticker carry the passport number of the registered OCI. Accordingly, each time a new passport is issued to an OCI holder; it has to be captured on the registration certificate and visa. This would require re-issuance of OCI registration certificate and visa each time a new foreign passport is issued in the following cases.
  1. Up to the completion of 20 years of age, OCI documents have to be re-issued each time a new passport is issued to the holder.
  2. Between 21-50 years of age, there is no need to seek re-issuance of OCI documents each time a new passport is issued. However, if the applicant desires, he/she may avail the service for re-issuance of OCI documents.
  3. After the completion of 50 years of age, OCI documents have to be re-issued once after issuance of a new passport
Documents to be submitted to the Consulate General:
  1. In case of issuance of new foreign passport:
    (i) OCI Registration Certificate and Canadian Passport(s) [old and new], in original.
    (ii)In case of minor children, parents Indian and Canadian passports along with Record of Landing
    (iii) Copy of existing OCI registration certificate and U visa pasted on existing foreign passport.
    (iv) One set of print out of the form, duly filled in, and signed. The applicant must affix one colour photo [51 mm x 51 mm] on form Aand sign in the signature box.
    (v) Copy of new and old Canadian passports
    (vi) Fees through Bank Draft/Money Order.
(a) CAN$ 28.00 for re-issuance of OCI documents in case of issuance of new foreign passport, change of personal particulars, wrong filing of particulars.
(b) CAN$ 103.00 for issuance of duplicate OCI documents in case of loss/damage of old OCI /Foreign passport carrying OCI Visa sticker.
(c) In respect of the service for change of address/occupation, no hard copy of the application shall be submitted to the Indian Mission/Post/Office. Accordingly, the issue of Enclosures and Payment of fee does not arise. Continue reading all Consulate General details + Google: on fee, sticker "new foreign passport"

13 April 2013

Canadian popular culture is changing, eh?

"Overall Canadian pop culture indeed seems to be a reflection of American popular culture, and while I understand the desire to establish our own identity, I don’t think it’s that big a deal if we have music, television, movies, books, magazines etc from other countries." Eh! Canadian Pop Culture Blog

"The fundamentals aren't changing because the new mainstream is a different colour. It's changing because the new mainstream is fundamentally different in every way - culture, conservatism, language, religion, cultural habits around money (saving it and spending it) and cultural habits around food. And the most fundamental thing about advertising/marketing is that it is about how people work. This is not an old "us" vs. a new "them". This is just a new "us." One of the cool things about Canadian immigrants is that they want to be Canadian and they are proud to be Canadian, but they also discover very early that it is really difficult to define what "Canadian" is. Ultimately however, they come to realize in a single, empowering, incredibly Canadian moment that being Canadian is... being themselves." Everything it’s cracking up to be.
  • Video: Why Canada lets other countries define its cultural tastes -The Globe and Mail - Arts reporter John Barber discusses with Madeleine White why an artistic brain drain is inevitable in Canada and why Canadians shouldn't be bothered by it
  • Strictly Canadian: Embracing the new nation’s culture, By:Mayank Bhatt Toronto Star -- At present, term Canadian is narrowly defined and doesn’t encompass all it should — culturally, socially, economically and politically.... A culture acquires acceptance and gains in popularity when it’s constantly talked about...
  • Understanding Canadian pop culture can help your integration process, By Mayank Bhatt, Canadian Immigrant
  • Controversial new ' RCAF Icons of Canadian Culture' program being attacked, Ric Peterson
  • Strictly Canadian: What are the ‘Canadian values’ we continue champion?. Roland Mascarenhasspecial, Toronto Star. -- Does being Canadian occur spontaneously when Sidney Crosby scores the winning goal for Canada, or is it a process we must undertake every day? -- Writer Roland Mascarenhas is still looking for the so-called “Canadian values” of his adopted home.
  • Pop culture Year in Review — 2012
  • Is Canada's pop culture distinctive? CBC

    On the same shelf:

  • 12 April 2013

    Outsourcing bank jobs - Media monitoring

    "At the high end of the skills spectrum, a different proposition is at work, as seen at RBC. High-tech jobs are shipped overseas or contracted to a Canadian company that gets the job done overseas. Costs go down, profits go up and up, as do CEO compensations (in RBC’s case, $7.5 billion last year and Gord Nixon’s package, $12.6 million).
    Now we know what was meant by business “competitiveness,” “flexibility,” “nimbleness,” etc." Stop importing temporary workers into Canada: Siddiqui, Toronto Star
  • Outsourcing bank jobs is common practice, say employees. CIBC, TD, Scotiabank and BMO replaced Canadians with temporary foreign workers, claim hundreds of emails, CBC News 
  • Andrew Coyne: RBC outsourcing controversy an economic fraud, National Post
  • Capitalism as usual: Why RBC's outsourcing isn't really a surprise, By Kevin Edmonds, rabble.ca
  • iGate: The firm at the centre of RBC's outsourcing scandal, CTV News
  • Scotiabank won't contract out work, says president CBC.ca
  • Ex-RBC foreign workers say contractor controlled their lives, CBC.ca
  • Have your say, Winnipeg Free Press -- Today, RBC is outsourcing jobs and rubbing it in by having existing staff ... It appears that the CEOs of RBC, TD, Scotiabank, CIBC and BMO, ..
  • Letter: Banks' outsourcing does not fool anyone, Montreal Gazette, -- RBC and TD have done exactly that. ... This letter is not going to stop BMO from eliminating every possible job at the bank and outsourcing it.
  • McMaster student leads online charge against RBC hiring practices, CBC.ca -- Reacting to the media firestorm over a Royal Bank subcontractor’s use of temporary foreign workers, Immigration minister Jason Kenney was unequivocal. “The rules are very clear,” he said. “You cannot displace Canadians to hire people from abroad.”
  • RBC contrite after outsourcing scandal, Foreign workers controversy draws federal attention, By Julian Beltrame And Dave Paddon, The Canadian Press; With Files From The Calgary Herald
  • RBC isn’t an employment agency for Canadians,  By William Watson, Ottawa Citizen

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