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13 April 2013

Canadian popular culture is changing, eh?

"Overall Canadian pop culture indeed seems to be a reflection of American popular culture, and while I understand the desire to establish our own identity, I don’t think it’s that big a deal if we have music, television, movies, books, magazines etc from other countries." Eh! Canadian Pop Culture Blog

"The fundamentals aren't changing because the new mainstream is a different colour. It's changing because the new mainstream is fundamentally different in every way - culture, conservatism, language, religion, cultural habits around money (saving it and spending it) and cultural habits around food. And the most fundamental thing about advertising/marketing is that it is about how people work. This is not an old "us" vs. a new "them". This is just a new "us." One of the cool things about Canadian immigrants is that they want to be Canadian and they are proud to be Canadian, but they also discover very early that it is really difficult to define what "Canadian" is. Ultimately however, they come to realize in a single, empowering, incredibly Canadian moment that being Canadian is... being themselves." Everything it’s cracking up to be.
  • Video: Why Canada lets other countries define its cultural tastes -The Globe and Mail - Arts reporter John Barber discusses with Madeleine White why an artistic brain drain is inevitable in Canada and why Canadians shouldn't be bothered by it
  • Strictly Canadian: Embracing the new nation’s culture, By:Mayank Bhatt Toronto Star -- At present, term Canadian is narrowly defined and doesn’t encompass all it should — culturally, socially, economically and politically.... A culture acquires acceptance and gains in popularity when it’s constantly talked about...
  • Understanding Canadian pop culture can help your integration process, By Mayank Bhatt, Canadian Immigrant
  • Controversial new ' RCAF Icons of Canadian Culture' program being attacked, Ric Peterson
  • Strictly Canadian: What are the ‘Canadian values’ we continue champion?. Roland Mascarenhasspecial, Toronto Star. -- Does being Canadian occur spontaneously when Sidney Crosby scores the winning goal for Canada, or is it a process we must undertake every day? -- Writer Roland Mascarenhas is still looking for the so-called “Canadian values” of his adopted home.
  • Pop culture Year in Review — 2012
  • Is Canada's pop culture distinctive? CBC

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