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20 October 2009

Fans of Toronto Public Library 's post on Deskilled staff: Is that like deveined shrimp?

Strike Averted: CUPE library workers reach a tentative agreement with the Toronto Public Library Board ~~ (November 4, 2009)

Extract. Info courtesy: Connie Crosby

Quote: "I walked out of Danse Danse Évolution and saw a couple of guys handing out flyers. Efficient library outreach! I thought. Nope. UNION!

I must say, the library union isn’t doing a very good job of scare mongering.

Unions are great sometimes and lousy other times, and neither of those things some other times. That’s my opinion. It’s probably your opinion. Only right-wing assholes think unions are never a good idea, and not even union stalwarts think they always are. (Be honest.)

I talked to the guy who handed me this leaflet. When I told him I write this blog, he took a quarter-step back and started treating me like I was radioactive. “Yes,” he said warily. “I have heard about it.” Well, good – you shoulda.

The leaflet makes the claim that the TPL Board “wants to… stay open to midnight with no professional librarians and many more part-time staff [and] get rid of reference desks.” I have asked around and concluded this is wilful exaggeration, reiterated in a union blog post." Unquote.

TPL Union news update:

02 October 2009

True Torontonians invited to test their knowledge of city

Source: National Post , October 01, 2009

1 Toronto has an island. What's the name of Toronto's island?
2 How many families does Mel Lastman have? (Hint: He was a Bad Boy).
3 When was the last time Toronto won the Stanley Cup? (Hint: No, it wasn't before the dawn of time)
4 Who is the Stanley Cup named after? a) Mayor Stanley bb) Another guy named Stanley c) A guy named Cup
5 What country do most Torontonians originally come from? a) China b) Ital
c) Montreal
6 What is the name of the big lake just south of Lake Shore Boulevard? a)What lake? b) South Lake c) Asking me that question is lakeist
7 Other Canadians admire Toronto for: a) Its sophistication b) Good governmen
c) Successful sports franchises d) Its inexplicably high regard for itself despite having none of the above
8 The Red Rocket refers to: a) A streetca
b) Maurice Richard with a sunburn c) The Toronto Star launched into space
9 A streetcar is
a) A Ford on Yonge Street b) That big vehicle parked outside Tim's every mornin
c) A slow-moving anachronism used as a justification for permanently tearing up St. Clair Ave.
10 The traditional dividing line of Toronto is
a) Yonge Street b) The Don Valle
c) David Miller (pictured)Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/toronto/story.html?id=2052614#ixzz0Snemy6JH


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