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27 February 2010

It's Time To Vote Now: Canada's Top 25 Immigrants!

A nationwide survey in three stages:
  • inviting nominations from across Canada for a list of people's favourite and most respected Canadian immigrants;
  • identifying 75 of them who received the highest number of votes from Canadians;
  • selecting those who were voted there from as Canada's Top 25 Immigrants!
  • It's now at the third stage, VOTE NOW. Click here to view / vote / details
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    25 February 2010

    The painful truth about age discrimination in tech

    By: Lisa Schmeiser,  18 Feb 2010, IT World Canada: InfoWorld
    There are bold programmers, but no old programmers -- the reasons for this reality aren't simple. A closer look suggests that it's the nature of IT itself to push its elderly workers out.

    There's a commercial airing on ESPN right now that features two hiring managers discussing the two job candidates sitting in the lobby. We see the backs of these candidates' heads; one is dark brown and lustrous, the other brittle and gray. The managers debate -- should they go with the experienced candidate? ("He won't have energy!" frets one manager) -- or the fresh young thing? And then -- surprise! -- the two candidates are the same person before and after a hair-dye job.

    It's a nasty and effective commercial, and one that deftly plays on a pervasive fear of job hunters: Will my age be held against me? And in IT -- where the popular narrative favors kids launching companies in their dorm room or bringing down a corporate network as a way to blow off steam after finals -- that fear of age discrimination is especially pervasive. continue reading

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    22 February 2010

    Toronto woman awarded $25,000 after boss used racial epithets

    Linda Nguyen, Canwest News Service, February 17, 2010

    TORONTO - A Toronto woman who was repeatedly called "Paki" and other racial slurs at work has been awarded $25,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.
    The ruling, handed out earlier this month, orders Cheryl Khan's former employer, Lynn Tompkins, the owner of Lynx Trucking Transportation in northwest Toronto, to pay the fine, in addition to $6,500 in lost wages. He has also been ordered to create an anti-harassment policy at his company and attend sensitivity training.

    "It was horrible," said 36-year-old Khan on Wednesday. "I knew that if I stood back and let this gentleman walk all over me and not do anything about it, it makes it seem like it's OK." continue reading

    On the same shelf:Cheryl Khan was awarded $25,000 for discrimination and $6,750 for lost wages by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, who ordered her former employer, trucking company owner Lynn Tompkins, right, to pay her the money after using racist language and firing her.
  • Racist taunts cost boss $25,000, Moira Welsh, Staff Reporter, Toronto Star
    The words were shocking and so unfamiliar that Cheryl Khan's friends could not believe her boss used them.

    "Paki," he called her, according to Khan's testimony before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. "Half-nigger babies," he said of her two little boys. "That's what you get for sleeping with a nigger."
  • 12 February 2010

    Immigrants still lagging in jobs mart, Peel Region Unveils Labour Market Survey Findings

    ML Brampton Guardian, South Asian Focus » Thu, 11-Feb
    Staff Report
    Immigrants are still lagging their Canadian-born counterparts in the jobs market.
    That’s the short answer of a Peel-centric report on how immigrants are faring in finding employment.

    The report, The Peel Immigration Labour Market Survey, has just been released to Regional Council.

    Peel is considered to house one of the highest concentrations of South Asians in the GTA. The survey is the first study ever conducted that provides local data on the labour market in Peel.

    “This study is one of three key immigration initiatives led by the Region’s Human Services department in Peel,” said Janet Menard, Commissioner of Human Services. “The study findings reveal there is a significant gap in skill utilization, income and credential recognition of immigrants in the workplace. continue reading
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  • Peel Region Unveils Labour Market Survey Findings - First Peel-specific report shows immigrants lagging behind in accessing the job market 

  • In the sample of 1,425 immigrants and Canadian-born Peel residents surveyed:
    • Of the immigrant respondents who have international work experience, only about one-third were successful in obtaining their desired employment.
    • Lack of Canadian work experience was reported as the barrier faced most often for immigrants and correspondingly, lack of work experience was reported most often by Canadian-born individuals.
    • Networking was a serious barrier for both immigrants and Canadian-born individuals but more significant for immigrants.
    • One in four immigrants accessed some government-funded employment services, and just under one-third obtained more education and credentials in Canada.
    • Both immigrants and Canadian-born individuals report underutilization of their skills in their current job. Recent immigrant respondents are less likely to utilize their skills at work, but skill utilization improves with length of time in Canada, and through full recognition of credentials by employers.
    Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the study was done in collaboration with Ryerson’s Diversity Institute in Management and Technology. The final report was prepared by PinPoint Research. The complete report of survey findings will be available to the public to download on Feb. 22, 2010 at www.peelregion.ca/labourmarketsurvey.

    11 February 2010

    'Ghost' consultants pose problem to Canadian immigration

    South Asian Observer Digital version, 11 Feb 2010 09:30 hrs EST

    Extract: "The depth of the problem can be gauged from the following advertisement that appeared in a Chandigarh newspaper recently:

    “JOB VACANCY IN CANADIAN HOTEL CANADA: Ominicity Hotel Director wish to advertise through this medium that the Following Job Vacancy in our Hotel. We need both men and females workers to fill in different categories of job openings. Currently, if your interested in working with us you can contact us back E-mail Address: ottawahotelss_canada@yahoo.ca Our Hotel Director shall connect you with our Canadian immigration director during your visa processing, SIGN BY DIRECTOR MRS RESOLING ANNA.”

    But inquiries revealed that there was no hotel by this name in Ottawa.  continue reading: 'Ghost' consultants pose problem to Canadian immigration. [Copyright Indo Asian News, Click here]

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