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30 December 2010

Canadians Love the Internet, Eh?

Posted on Dec 29th, 2010 by Brodie Beta @ http://thenextweb.com
Extract [source: Globe and Mail, Toronto]:
According to The Canadian Press, comScore, the marketing intelligence service says Canadians are leading the way in hours spent online.
Canucks are spending an average of 2,500 minutes online per month which translates to over 41 hours, that’s an entire full-time work week spent surfing. And that’s apparently more than any other country in the world. Based on this data, it seems that Canadians are rapidly adopting the digital lifestyle and seem to be wildly passionate about online video, social media and Wikipedia. continue reading
  • Canadians spend more time online than any others, The Globe & Mail
    Michael Oliveira, Toronto — The Canadian Press, Published Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2010
    What challenges does the Internet present to Canada? - The Globe and Mail
  • 25 December 2010

    Ontario’s newcomers brace for cuts and layoffs

    Nicholas Keung: Immigration Reporter, Toronto Star

    Ten Toronto agencies are slated to lose their funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) starting April 1, with as many as 35 others on the cutting block.

    Across Canada, the Conservative government will cut funding to immigrant service agencies by $53 million in 2011, $43 million from Ontario alone — a move that has outraged community groups, the province and the federal Liberals, which have many seats in Toronto. Continue reading Toronto Star

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  • Liberals protest cuts to immigrant aid, Toronto Sun
  • Settlement agencies lose federal funds, Canadianimmigrant.ca
    GTA agencies losing federal funding are:

  • Northwood Neighbourhood Services
  • Elspeth Heyward Centre for Women
  • Tropicana Community Services
  • Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre
  • Community Action Resource Centre
  • South Asian Women's Centre
  • Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Toronto
  • Ethiopian Association in the Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding Regions
  • Afghan Association of Ontario (AAO)
  • Bloor Information and Life Centre
  • CIC redirecting aid to newcomers in Hamilton, South Asian Focus - January 19 2011
  • Ottawa immigrant agencies hit by federal cuts, CBC News
  • Funding cuts threaten immigrant agencies‎ - Globe and Mail
  • Cuts will mean end to Ethiopian Association's support of new immigrants, InsideToronto.com
  • Federal cuts to immigrant services won't impact BC, says minister
    Globe and Mail
  • 05 December 2010

    So you think you know everything about Canada, eh?

    Dec 4 2010, Toronto Star
    On a rain-soaked morning this week, the Toronto Star conducted this admittedly unscientific experiment asking six Canadian-born to take the citizenship test. Three men and three women had 20 multiple-choice questions — samples from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website — and 15 minutes. To pass, they needed 15 right answers.

    The exercise yielded surprising results: three flunked, one squeaked by and two passed with flying colours...

    Click here to test your knowledge of Canada

    Continue reading

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  • True Torontonians invited to test their knowledge of city
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