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"Remember your weekly mix of activity will vary, depending on how soon you need to be employed, how much time you have to spend on your campaign each week, the economy, the relative difficulty of job finding in your targeted field, and the relative effectiveness of each job search method with regards to your job objective. Good Luck!!!" [source: JobSearch-in-Canada.com]
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30 May 2015

'Immigrant talent meets its demise in Canada' By Sabrina Almeida, Can-India News

"That Canada is a land of opportunity is a hard sell for most immigrants who have had to bite and claw their way up. This is not just an expression of my bitterness at being told I’m not good enough, but the stark reality that almost all newcomers have had to face. While the Canadian experience card has shoved most out the employment door (the few who have made it are too insignificant number compared to the many who have not) or down the ladder that is not the only department in which the newcomers have been forced to eat humble pie. Talent is another one. "


"It’s time to stand up for and with newcomers to help them truly integrate and contribute to the progress of the country. Perhaps the government ought to insist (or provide incentives for) companies and employers hire a certain number of immigrants each year. Starting with government services. We’re more than just a vote bank!" Read the article

On the same shelf by Doug:
"Today, people like me are there, and the non-white, non-wealthy and foreign-born are on the edges, without much chance of grabbing the bottom rung of the housing ladder. (This is the division that led to the 2010 election of Rob Ford in Toronto: His backers, the non-white, non-wealthy, non-homeowning suburbanites, expressed their frustration with their ballots.)
If we don’t want the Canadian dream to be ruined by people like me, we’ll need to turn those inner-suburban districts into the sort of arrival cities we used to see downtown. We should take lessons from Surrey, B.C., which has allowed affordable basement and backyard “infill” apartments to flourish, or Toronto’s “tower renewal” zoning, which allows dense, high-intensity, multiuse districts to flourish between suburban apartment blocks." globeandmail

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