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10 January 2009

Study exposes tolerance of racism ~~ Toronto Star

York U. study finds that while most condemn bigotry, majority fail to respond to anti-black acts Jan 09, 2009 04:30 AM
Comments on this story (78) Joseph Hall Staff Reporter
"When it comes to repudiation of racism, words speak louder than actions, according to a York University study that suggests people are far more tolerant of bigotry than they might express.
While people would clearly condemn racism in advance, the majority of non-black people would sit mute and indifferent as blatant acts of anti-black racism occurred before them, according to the Toronto research, published today in the journal Science." Continue reading @ Toronto Star /Science Obama or no Obama, racism is here to stay

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Anonymous said...

If the author of the study wanted to see tolerance for racism in action then all he had to do was visit any one of Toronto's ethnic communities.

Anonymous said...

Toronto's ethnic communities may or may not tolerate racism towards whites or asians or south asians but let's face it,systemic and overt racism against all non white communities is a historical fact.If ethnic communities react in kind while the dominant white community cries foul then maybe its time to explore the reality of Canadian racism in greater detail via forums and other media.


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