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12 January 2009

Top 25 Political Blogs in Canada: Google vs Technorati

According to Werner Patels, (begin quote) this ranking is 100% objective, based on something as simple as a Google search of "Canada + Political blogs." (end quote).

Google version
Warren Kinsella
Michael Geist
Stephen Taylor
James Laxer
The Hook
Digital Copyright Canada
Elizabeth May's Blog
Blue Blogging Soapbox
A Creative Revolution
SoCon or Bust
Hill Queeries
Werner Patels
Scott's DiaTribes
Ezra Levant
Vijay Sappani
Blog THIS!
Frankly Speaking
The Dominion
Abandoned Stuff (Saskboy)
The Court
Winds of Change
Technorati version
The Oil Drum
The Shotgun
Abandoned Stuff (Saskboy)
The Reaction
Jordon Cooper
We Move To Canada
Marginalized Action Dinosaur
Steve Janke
The Agenda (TVO)
Jerad Gallinger
A Sibilant Intake of Breath
The Politic
Werner Patels
April Reign
Persephone's Box
Public Eye Online
Far and Wide
(A)mazed and (Be)mused

NB. Info courtesy: L-girl @ we move to canada

1 comment:

Toronto real estate said...

Thanks for the list, I know maybe half of them. And I believe political blogs are much better in creating the picture of political situation in these days than traditional newspapers. I don't want to recommend any of them, because it's everyone's question of political taste, I can just say that articles in some 5-6 of the first 10 in list can easily beat any news...
Take care


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