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05 December 2008

Canadian Experience: Myth or Reality Poll

This blog asked bloggers to vote. The results are:

Myth: Yes (18 %) / No (0 %)
Reality: Yes (43 %) / No (0 %)
Don't know (43 %)

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    FANCY said...

    Canada is one of my dreams to go to ;)

    Anonymous said...

    "Canadian experience" is code for "Sorry not hiring". It's also meant as an artificial barrier to protect the professional classes from the downward pressures on salaries and incomes that result from an immigration system that imports more people than Canada's labour market really needs.

    Immigration is class (and I say cultural) warfare waged against the most vulnerable of Canadians (the poor, working classes, low and unskilled) by Canada's educated elites. "Canadian Experience" is body armour meant to protect them from collateral damage and friend'y fire.


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