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30 April 2011

Top 5 questions HR professionals ask about resumes of internationally qualified professionals

... (and the answers to them!), Written by: Michelle Pinchev
 By guest contributor, Najia Alavi, Marketing Manager, Career Edge Organization
1. “Why do so many newcomers’ resumes read like those of generalists?”
2. “Why do immigrants’ resumes so often emphasize job responsibilities instead of their professional achievements?”
3. “How am I supposed to know if the international college/university listed on an internationally qualified professional’s resume is a credible one”
4. “Why do internationally qualified professionals always seem to have 3 or 4 page long resumes – do they really think we need to know their entire life history?”   
5. “Why, oh why, do some new Canadians include personal information like their marital status, date of birth – and sometimes, even their photographs – on their resumes?”   continue reading: Top 5 questions HR professionals ask... click here or here

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