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26 November 2008

A little bit of Oz in the icy land of the Canuck, eh

I’m 30-something Australian “sheila” and have made my home in a small town (its claim to fame is that it's the “Smallest City in Canada”) in British Columbia, Canada.
I came here 3 years ago to be with the love of my life, and no, I aint gonna get all soppy and tell you how wonderful he is, although…. he is.
When I came here, I thought I would have a problem with the language since Canada is bi lingual, and I only speak one language…..and apparently, that’s Australian….not English as I used to think.
Now, my Canadian bloke understands me very well, in spite of the accent, although there have been times when he has that blank look on his face, and I just know that he didn’t understand a bloody thing I just said….(or maybe…. that’s just a bloke thing?)

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Descartes said...

I can see that the whole Aussie to Canada thing might be a bit hard to handle. But it sounds like a fun time anyway.

Toronto life insurance broker said...

Nice to see you like it here :) I believe Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly country. Almost everybody has parents/grandparents/husband/... from other country. That's why we can tolerate "newcomers" so easily and respect their language problems (but i don't think you had serious real problems with your "Australian" language :)
And what about the weather? Shock a bit...?

Best wishes!

Lone Primate said...

You moved to Canada from AUSTRALIA? Oh, I'm sorry. :)


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