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12 November 2008

Canada's 'country brand' No. 2

James Cowan, National Post, November 11, 2008
Canada now has the second best "country brand" in the world, according to a study that suggests only Australia has done a better job of shaping its image as a travel destination. continue reading

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  • When a nation becomes a commodity: The Country Brand Index 2008
    by Anna Brones Nov 11th 2008,
    The 2008 study conducted by Future Brand, a global brand consulting firm, used rankings from 30 different categories to come up with the final index. Among the categories were History, Standard of Living, Friendly Locals and Environmentalism. It's like a beauty pageant for countries, with the most well-rounded coming out on top. Here are the top ten:
    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    Sweden continue reading
  • Country as Brand: Unveiling the Country ...


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