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02 November 2008

Canada: The land of opportunity and hope

Welcome. Bonjour.
Canada as we all know is a great land of opportunity and hope. It is bestowed with economic prosperity, educational institutions that produce highly skilled professionals, a quality of life based on excellent health care, and a country that is endowed with a vast land, clean air and fresh water, all synchronized for a safe and secure environment. Canada has a democratic civil society, a society in which universal human rights and individual political representation are guaranteed. It is hoped that as a new comer, you will carve your own future and bring forth the heritage of your own to Canada, where you will be proud to refer to as home and soon say O' Canada!

This Blog is a humble attempt by one who wants to pay back for all that Canada gave to an immigrant. This blog, then, aims to help the new comers find suitable sources of information, sources that help make their ends meet--easily, effectively and efficiently.

Your suggestions are most welcome to improve the content, context and communication. Mail your comments to the blogmaster.

Q. Why do we need another blog, when there are so many sites doing this?
A. This blog will supplement and compliment information posted on our Website--described below. While the Website has a slant towards South Asians, in this blog, we will focus on all immigrants (irrespective of their country).

Our Website collects all relevant information to facilitate an easy way for the new landed immigrants to find what they need most: http://dear.to/toronto.

Title of our Website:
A Pathfinder for Immigrants to Canada (esp., Toronto).

Website for desi, by desi and with desi relevance. It is a guide for all immigrants in Toronto, esp. South Asians. In the first section are links to find jobs (survival jobs, professional job hunt services), employment and career resources and resource centres (HRDC, ERC, TPL, etc.), job workshop and co-op opportunities, credential evaluation, and much more.

In another section are the Websites that connect desi society and with links to community centres. The last section-A MUST READ BEFORE LANDING-includes alerts about what works, and what does not work for new immigrants--be aware of scams, frauds, etc. In addition are desi news resources, such as, Employment News, Immigrant Newsline and E-DesiNews.com.

http://akbanis.freeservers.com/guide.htm shortcut: http://dear.to/toronto

This Web site is indexed in:
: Canadian Desi Links - Canada Immigration

Toronto and Vancouver bound: the location choice of new Canadian

Amazon.com's Listmania: "Canadian (local) Experience a MUST"

Described in: Immigrant Newsline

Those who come to Canada as immigrants, bring new luck, most of the time. Thanks to the free and open door policy of Canada.


sYjAnE said...

yes ive heard a lot about Canada, in fact there were a lot of filipino families who migrated there already..

I'd love to go and work there if given a chance....

(sigh) wishful thinking..

bhagis said...

Congrtes on ur another blog..keep the good work..add my link

Aswani said...

I went through this blog. found it really good. Keep it up !

Rana Sinha said...

Very promising. It would be interesting to get personal stories and experiences, which fact sites don't usually give.

All the best!

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

I lov canada!! :D

Tan.wiratchada said...

OMG...you have much more time then me...This blog is a good idea. Hope you keep in up I interesting to link to my "Travel Guide"

Have a great week ahead.


Dilasari Hidayat said...

I'd really love to see photos about Canada or its culture.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Good luck with your new blog. We have been in Canada for a year now and have not looked back or regretted the move. (we moved from the US) We find the climate on Vancouver Island very hospitable, the people of Canada very friendly and more than helpful and we are adjusting to the country life.

Davendra K. Gupta said...

Thanks; Really a nice attempt; I wish you all the best for the success of your well inteded effort and project.
with best wishes,

Muhammad said...

AOA Taher Bhai!
I knew your passion and kind heart will do some good things as you never missed any such chance ever before.
Hopefully people who'll come will get benefits

Canadian Gypsy said...

Being a Canadian immigrating to another country myself I understand the difficulty of the process. That said, I can appreciate blogs that are tailored to help immigrants adjust, assimilate and integrate into another country, this is one such blog.

I hope your blog helps newly landed immigrants to Canada find their way in a country that has a lot to offer, and that those same immigrants make a better life for themselves and their families.

Best regards

Crooked in Canada

Ria said...

very interesting...

Sadia Hussain said...

Good Luck with your new blog Taher, haven't had an opportunity to see Canada yet except when we went to see Niagra falls. But I will follow this blog and would love to learn more about this beautiful place.So far you've done a great job.

Comrade said...

Canada is really a great place to live and work.
One has to apply for Canada Immigration Visa in order to get the pleasure of life.


supplement canada said...

I add, you've also undoubtedly wondered which one it should be.

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