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07 December 2013

John, Jani, Janardhan in Canadian Job Market - what's in a name?

The curse of a foreign-sounding name in today’s job market -  Toronto Star
"It’s common for hiring managers to skip over resumes with ethnic names, preferring to interview candidates with names they recognize." By:Priya Ramsingh thestar.com Nov 30 2013

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  • Should candidates apply with western names? Nathan Chan at 28, Mar 2013 | Elevated HR
  • Extract: So the topic I’m about to launch into has come up before, particularly with candidates who are immigrants or persons with very foreign names. The fact that I just said “very foreign” does make me cringe, so don’t kick me in the arse just yet! Let me explain myself a sec here. I’ve only recently returned to Maple Leaf land, my homeland, and our country is a country that is made up of foreigners after all, no? I spent almost a decade abroad, but I have never lost sight of my nationality. (Before leaving, I even branded a tattoo of the Canadian flag on my leg.) As Canadians, we pride ourselves as a ‘cultural mosaic’ – where we are an awesome and delicious bunch of ethnic groups, languages, and cultures co-existing together. ... This topic has been a recurring one for me. Should immigrants/foreigners with “very foreign” names give themselves a westernized name? I think, yes (and no). What an answer right? – read on!
  • HR overlooks applicants with non-western names - Human Resources Mag, May 10, 2012"Australian Human Rights Commission has said there is a growing trend of immigrants adopting Western names in the hope it will get them hired.   “There are still elements of race discrimination in employment. It is certainly present and problematic,” Disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes told HC."
  • How an ethnic-sounding name may affect the job hunt, by WALLACE IMMEN, The Globe and Mail Nov. 17 2011
  • Job hunters change 'foreign sounding’ names 15 Apr 2013 By  Rhiannon Elston  sbs.com.au  "Australian-born Muslim woman Cindy Mohamed uses her real name on her resume these days, but that hasn’t always been the case. " 
  • English-Sounding Names Still Hold Edge Over Others In Canada’s Employment Sector Link Newspaper  December 7th, 2013 
  • In Canada, English name a clear advantage in landing job: survey, By Douglas Todd, Postmedia News October 14, 2011
  • Extract: The extensive study for Metropolis B.C., whose federal funding will run out this year, was conducted by having researchers respond to online job ads in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Each sample resume said that the applicant had a bachelor's degree and four to six years' experience.

    In a related test of Canadian hiring practices involving immigrants, the researchers sent out a series of virtually identical resumes to company recruiters — changing only the country in which the applicant had job experience.

    "We find that employers value Canadian experience more than Canadian education when deciding to interview applicants with international backgrounds, suggesting that employers are more interested in internationally born applicants with more Canadian experience," wrote Oreopoulos and Decheif.

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