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23 September 2013

Unique Canadian-Islamic Culture by: H.E. Imam Mohamad Jebara

Info courtesy: Hussain M. Mir

... Just as Christians are severed into countless sects and denominations, so are Muslims.  In the same way that Catholics and Protestants differ and vary in some fundamental beliefs, so we shall find among the Muslims of the world...

... Muslims vary in their practice and understanding of Islam, they vary by region and culture, they vary by educational level, race and economics, and their interpretation and practice of Islam is influenced by political and social stability or the lack thereof.  Can someone say that Irish Catholics and Mexican Catholics are identical?  Are Russian Catholics the same in their practices as some Catholics in the Philippines, who practice flagellation and crucifixion every Easter?  It would be just as inaccurate, unproductive and unfair to generalize saying Sunnis believe such and such, or Shiites believes such and such. 

Now, how does this relate to Canada?  And the Western world?  In the same way that the understanding and interpretation of Islam differs from one place to another, we as Canadians need to have our own unique Canadian-Islamic identity.  When people import the interpretations of Islam from other nations, they do not necessarily apply in a Canadian context.  And even when we say Canadian, even in this we cannot generalize.  To which Canadian culture do you refer?  Mohawk? Inuit? Quebecois?  Franco-Ontarian? Newfoundland? Prairies?  It is for such a reason that the Qur`an says, “And we have created you into various nations and cultures, so that you may come to know each other’s differences, strengths and shortcomings and to respect and love one another despite these differences.” continue reading

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