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"Remember your weekly mix of activity will vary, depending on how soon you need to be employed, how much time you have to spend on your campaign each week, the economy, the relative difficulty of job finding in your targeted field, and the relative effectiveness of each job search method with regards to your job objective. Good Luck!!!" [source: JobSearch-in-Canada.com]
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29 September 2013

Library has resources to help you find a job: keyword searching for a job, career, resume

Your question is how to find, or what keywords or search terms are relevant for your need, right?

Here is a sample of how libraries try to help you:

Strathcona County Library
Browse for Materials:

Find Books:
Use the following words to search the
Library catalogue by Subject or Keyword.
  • Applications for positions
  • Job hunting
  • Resumes
  • Networking
  • Career changes
  • Employment
  • Interviewing 
  • Vocational guidance

Browse the following general areas in the Career Centre, Adult Non-Fiction and Reference collections (arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification)

Example:  650.14 TAH 2010, Taher, Mohamed, Job search the Canadian way: what works, what doesn’t
Bow Valley College Library

What is a Keyword or Search Term? 

A keyword is a word used to search an electronic resource in order to locate results that match that word in a specified part or in any part of the item, such as the title or in the full text.
When searching in digital environments, such as a library database or on the Internet, it is most effective to use single words (keywords) or phrases (terms).
Never type in a long sentence, such as a question or a thesis statement.
Instead, enter in a single keyword or term in the search box. Or, click "Advanced Search" for more search boxes then type in additional keywords and terms

Research Help

This introduction to library research explains how to choose a topic, develop a research question and search for resources online, in the LLC and in the library database collection.
  • How to Begin your Research
    Use this section for help on developing a research topic, finding keywords to search for resources, and understanding library and research-related terms
Career Services and Resources
by Kelley Wadson - Last Updated Sep 13, 2013
Find information about career services available at Bow Valley College and links to helpful books, websites, articles and e-books for career planning, job searching, interviewing and professional development
Search tips: The default search is AND, i.e. it will search for all the words entered. To perform OR search use | character, e.g. hello | world. To exclude words use !, e.g. hello ! world will search for matches where there is the word hello but not world. To search for a phrase enter it in quotes, e.g. "hello world". 
More help: The words you use to search for information are very important.
To begin, underline the main topics in your research topic or question and think of related terms and concepts. For example:

Main topics and key concepts Related terms and concepts
Aboriginal peoples in Canada
  • First Nations
  • indigenous peoples
  • the Metis
  • the Inuit
  • the Objibway

Remember to include:
  • alternate spellings
  • abbreviations
  • plurals
  • synonyms

  The University of Melbourne Library:
To find books on resumes and cover letters, try doing a Keyword search in the Library Catalogue.
Or, try some of these useful Subject searches for resumes and cover letters (results have been sorted by Newest First):
Applications for positions
Cover letters
Resumes (employment)
 spacerLong Beach City College Library
Use the Library's Online Catalog to access books and other resources.Start with Keywords: try a keyword search using the name of your major and then the word career or with words: vocational and [your career].

Example:   communication +career
vocational +theater
Additionally include specific subject headings that are often assigned to your topic. Use the advanced search features of the online catalog to perform a subject heading search to find which subject headings are used most. A subject heading search can be performed using the following popular subjects:
  • vocational guidance
  • career development
  • interviewing
  • job hunting
  • resumes
  • cover letters
  • occupations
  • career changes
  • careers
  • civil service positions
  • job descriptions
  • professions
  • vocational interest
  • vocational rehabilitation

  • nursing vocational guidance
  • education vocational guidance
  • career development united states
  • employment interviewing
  • allied health occupations
  • resumes employment

You could also browse the shelves of some our career books from the career section of the library in the HF 5381-5386 call number ranges.

Mt. San Antonio College Library:

Where do I start?

Start here to find general information about the career you are researching. These reference sources will supply background information in short articles about your career.
What to look for:
  • What is the definition of your career?
  • What are the duties and responsibilities?
  • What training will you need?
  • What salary can you expect?
  • What is the job outlook?

Search words to try in the library catalog:

To look for books available at Library, try the library catalog.
Books that talk about multiple careers
  • career changes
  • career development  
  • job hunting
  • labor supply 
  • occupations 
  • Vocational guidance
  • Wages
Books that talk about a specific career
  • automobiles and vocational guidance
  • educational counseling
  • music and vocational guidance
  • nursing and career

On the same shelf:

Job Synonyms @ Thesaurus.com:

 Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus:

Job Search: Reading List

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