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20 March 2014

CRA & IRS warn of telephone and email scams

  • Canada Revenue Agency warns public of email fraud
  • Canada Revenue Agency : Beware of telephone and email scams
    "To better equip taxpayers to identify possible scams, the following guidelines should be used:
    The CRA:
    • NEVER requests information from a taxpayer about a passport, health card, or driver’s license.
    • NEVER divulges taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer.
    • NEVER leaves any personal information on an answering machine or asks taxpayers to leave a message with their personal information on an answering machine.
    When in doubt, ask yourself the following:
    • Am I expecting additional money from the CRA?
    • Does this sound too good to be true?
    • Is the requester asking for information I would not include with my tax return?
    • Is the requester asking for information I know the CRA already has on file for me?
    • How did the requester get my email address or telephone number?
    • Am I confident I know who is asking for the information?
    • Is there a reason that the CRA may be calling? Do I have a tax balance outstanding?"
  • Fraudsters threaten South Asians in Calgary with deportation, jail
    "Members of Calgary’s South Asian community continue to be targeted by fraudsters and are now being threatened with deportation as well as jail time if they don’t comply with demands to send money.
    City police say for the last month, Calgarians of South Asian descent have received calls from scam artists posing as representatives from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) or an agency with a similar acronym.
    The victims are told they have ignored written warnings to send overdue payments, and are instructed to wire money or purchase and send pre-paid debit cards.
    They have been threatened with jail time and even deportation if these demands were not met, said police, adding at least one person sent $2,000."
  • Simcoe (Ontario) Couple warns others about CRA scam
  • Hundreds of Calgarians targeted by CRA scam
  • Income tax scammers strike again bclocalnews.com
  • RATTAN’S RUMBLE: South Asian crooks targeting South Asian newcomers in Canada Revenue Agency scam Indo-Canadian Voice   
  •  Peel Police – Warning of Ongoing Scam involving fraudulent communications from the CRA http://www.weeklyvoice.com
  • Top 6 Canadian tax scams and how to protect yourself : Phishing; Charity scams; Tax-preparer fraud;  Identity theft; Tax-free RRSP withdrawals
  • IRS warns of ‘largest ever’ nationwide phone scam   by CNN Wire: NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If the phone rings and the caller says he represents the IRS, be suspicious.  That’s the warning from federal authorities, who on Thursday said a nationwide phone scam has stolen $1 million from thousands of unsuspecting people.
  • South Asian Taxpayers Warned Against Telephone Scam  (IRS)| News India Times
  • IRS watchdog warns of ‘largest scam of its kind’ with agency impersonators  washingtonpost.com

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