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09 February 2014

Major changes proposed for those awaiting citizenship - canindia.com

  • Would-be Canadians to wait longer for citizenship as Tories toughen language and knowledge rules, National Post
  • Major changes proposed for those awaiting citizenship, canindia.com:
Here are some of the highlights of the proposed changes
•Fees for citizenship applications will increase to $300 from $100. By comparison, fees are $670 in the United States and $1,600 in the United Kingdom.
•Only immigrants who have been physically present in Canada four of the past six years would quality for citizenship. Time spent in Canada without permanent resident status would no longer count towards citizenship.
•Those applying for citizenship must file Canadian income taxes, which is not currently a requirement.
•Applicants 14-65 must pass the language and knowledge test, which will be administered in English or French. Currently only applicants 18-54 must do so, and they may take the knowledge test with an interpreter.
•Penalties for fraud will increase to a maximum of $100,000 and five years in prison (from $1,000 and one year).
•Permanent residents serving in the Canadian Armed Forces would qualify for citizenship one year sooner than other applicants.

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