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06 January 2010

Building Bridges between Authors, Academics, and Judges

I found in today's Globe and Mail: You can't judge a book by its scholar? by Thomas Hodd
The opening lines: "Why aren't Canada's top literary prizes employing actual literary critics on their juries?"

The bottomline: "Who knows, allowing Canadian literature scholars to participate in award juries might also help bridge the chasm between the literary community and the educators who make the curriculum decisions that keep Canada's literary tradition alive. And that would certainly be a good thing for writers and publishers, as well as for our students."
Wonder, why literary awards are not synchronized with academics, literary critics, judges, etc., all talking with each other?

Canada, though not as prolific (and historically comparable) as America and Britain, yet has some good leads even in the foreign market, reading from the travelogue of Michael Bryson and his aggregated post @ Underground Book Club:
Doing a quick survey of an Oxford bookstore, I found titles prominently displayed by Margaret Atwood, Guy Vanderhague, Jane Urquart, Austin Clarke, Rohinston Mistry, and Yann Martel. Actress Neve Campbell graced the cover of the Sunday Times Culture magazine.

A Times feature on actress Isabella Rossellini highlighted her recent role in an avant-garde film by Winnipeg’s Guy Maddin.
And going by the marketplace, a sample of Amazon's recent anthologies, show Canadian literature is no way short of any other literary contribution of the world:

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